Monday, August 9, 2010

New York State of mind?

In case anyone hasn't heard. The New York Knicks have tried to bring back Isiah Thomas as there General Manager. The thing is everyone in the organization doesn't like him and banned that hiring. So he is going to be a consultant for the team but there is an issue with that. The NBA doesn't allow teams to talk to college kids until they commit to the draft. Thomas is the head basketball coach down in FIU. Does anyone sense a problem here? Look I will say it that I have no interest in basketball what so ever. I think the NBA is boring and not fun to watch. The Knicks are so in the dumps its not even funny. There owner just wants to help his friends without giving a thought to having actual basketball knowledge. This is the guy who wasted the teams money putting them in a financial hole. He was charged in a sexual harassment lawsuit by a member of the MSG staff. So why not bring him back? I hear he tells funny knock knock jokes.

The New York Jets have been a lot of peoples super bowl picks before the year has started. The star of the defense is not with the team though. Darrelle Revis has been holding out to get a larger contract and the Jets wont give it to him. Just stop being a baby and just ask for 7-8 million then talk to the team about a new contract and work something out. The owner has now said he doesn't think Revis will be with the team. Good thing they picked up Cromartie and drafted a new cornerback because if this does happen our defense will have a major hole in it.

The New York Mets have what I think is one of the top 5 offensive batting line ups in the league. Yet this team is a game under .500 at 55-56? The problem lies in the coaching staff. Manuel has been there and yet shows no emotion when something bad happens. Its like having Eric Mangini back with the Jets. Shakes his head and will have it worked out in practice. Look the entire coaching staff has to go plain and simple. You have one of the top 3 pay rolls in the league and yet your fighting to just be over .500.

We also have the New York Giants. They wear the color blue and are coming off a majorly disappointing season. They have a new defensive coordinator but I have been hearing positives from camp.

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