Tuesday, August 17, 2010

NEW Meadowlands Stadium

Last night was the first game to be played in the New Meadowlands Stadium. It was the Jets vs the Giants. Jets ultimately lost 31-16 but it was our back ups who lost the game. The defense was steller as usual and was pretty much lights out all night. Not much you can say except some of those kids wont make it past this week. This isnt about the game itself because well it was pre season and all the game was for was to see who would make the cut. This is going to be about the stadium. The old Giants Stadium is completely gone. It wasnt that long ago football was being played. The stadium is GONE!!! Where it once stood is now parking. Incredible what technology can do. I read an article on the 12th about why they closed Giants stadium... the article is right here. Go ahead and read it then come back. http://www.app.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=20108130329 Oh good you came back. His first point was that the escalators and double helix stairs were gone. I loved the new lay out actually. We went up and down an escalator for our seats. The entrances also have ramps going down the sides of the Stadium for what I believe is an easy exit. It was honestly not that bad when we were leaving. His next big problem was the bathrooms and that they werent user friendly. The mens room was great actually. You walk in and all the urinals are right when you go in. They had alot of them and they were the ones where they have no water. Then you keep moving through to the other side where they have sinks. This place has a flow and makes it so people arent going out the entrance and in on the exit. Much better and good job workers. Lastly the concourse was MUCH MUCH bigger. I was able to walk around and not feel like I was being crushed into a ball. They made it much bigger and much more roomy. The guy who wrote the article compares it to the new Yankee stadium which is like a Mall get over yourself. On another note... the man who tried to push off firemen ed during the jets chant. You got so lucky we didnt riot. I understand people may hate the chant and all. Its a jets home game though and yeah he was probably drunk but it gives you no right to hit him. What if he fell and cracked his head open like Eli?? I lost alot of respect for giants fans after last night. I came home to find that everyone was talking trash after a pre season win. I would like to remind you it doesnt mean anything to the regular season. The Raiders one year went a perfect 4-0 in the pre season. That regular season they went 4-12. Just something to think about.

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