Friday, October 22, 2010

ALCS Yankees Problems

Well I was once again CORRECT on a teams problems and called it out before they were shown. The Yankees major problem was in fact there pitching. AJ Burnett was not the same guy as he was in the postseason last year. They LIMPED into the playoffs this year and got it easy in the first round. Look at who they got for the LDS it was again the Twins. The Twins are so over rated. The division is so weak its pathetic. So the Yankees three starters all had it easy because the Twins have such an over rated line up they cruised through that. The Rangers on the other hand had a deep deep line up They also have the Yankee killer on the team... Cliff Lee? 13 strike outs against a powerful team. The rotation was horrible this postseason. Lets try and play Burnett who lost 15 games during the year as the 4th starter. He went 6 innings gave up 6 hits which isn't all that bad... GAVE UP FIVE (5) RUNS!!! Pathetic waste of space on the team and shouldn't have been on the roster as a starter. Instead at the trade deadline you couldn't figure out who to get rid of??? GET RID OF BURNETT AND VASQUEZ!!! Don't get me going on him because he was another waste this year. The team couldn't hit all series long EXCEPT for Game 5. They looked pathetic and they should be embarrassed to be called the defending champions by the play they had.

Monday, October 4, 2010

4 in 12 more to go

The NFL season is a quarter of the way done. We have seen 4 weeks worth of football. This is going to be a team by team update.
NFC East
Redskins: They are perfect against the NFC East thus far but havent played any real quality teams... no a Vick-Less Eagles team doesnt count. The Cowboys have yet to show themselves.
Eagles: First its Kolb then Vick... he gets hurt now its back to Kolb but Garcia might be coming back... Fire Reid and get some sort of stability in Philly.
Giants: A lucky victory last night... The Bears went in over rated and they were exploited. This team needs consistancy from here on... the division is wide opened so they just need 2-3 wins and they are back in it.
Cowboys: One victory against Houston and now everything is right in Big D. Wade Phillips is no head coach. This team needs so much help its not even funny. First they need Jerry Jones to get out of day to day football operations.
NFC North:
Bears: I think one of the most over rated teams in all of football. They are trying a Madden style of offense and guess what the Giants showed how to stop it. Jay Cutler has been exposed.
Packers: Wow this is quite the offense. This team i think will be the team to beat in the long run. They are very good on both sides.
Vikings: Brett should have went to training camp and worked on his game... give him a break though his two prime receivers have not been playing just give them some time.
Lions: A surprising team to say the least... i know they havent won alot but they are going point for point with alot of teams.
NFC West
Seahawks: If every game were home games they would be 4-0... but guess what Pete they have away games in the NFL. They havent been making alot of news but i see potential. Get rid of the old man Hassleback and watch them do well.
Rams: Wait Bradford comes in and wins two games?? this kid has an arm wow.
Cardinals: The past two years they were the power house team out west... How one player leaving changed all that and im talking Leinart.
49'ers: This was the most complete team out west and they are still looking for win number one.
NFC South:
Saints: The only thing here is that they are still winning games but not at Madden speed. They have to work out kinks in the offense and get a new kicker.
Bucs: They finally have a defense to give the offense a shot at putting up points.
Falcons: A fun team to watch in my opinion they find a way to win games down the stretch.
Panthers: They need a new head coach and a whole new staff.... John Fox has to go.
AFC East:
Patriots: A weak defense in my opinion... they let up 28 against the jets and 30 against the bills until tonight they only let up 14. They still have an offense that will burn you.
Jets: after a horrible week one... three wins in a row against the division and they are sitting on top.... next week Holmes makes his first start and hopefully pace and revis come back.
Bills: Just a hopeless team they need an entire new team there.... at 0-4 it wont get better.
Dolphins: In my opinion they most over hyped team in the division. They were 2-0 going into the MNF game against the jets... They beat the bills and the bengals. They were finally exploited tonight.
AFC North
Steelers: Everyone thought 2-2 would be good until Big Ben came back... well they went 3-1 and lost to the ravens.
Ravens: They have a terrible QB that hasnt been given any ridicule until now anyway... He still cant pass it.
Bengals: TO and Ochocinco are on the team and they are only at 2-2. Ocho hasnt been making headlines with TD's either.
Browns: A lucky win against an inept Bengals team.
AFC West:
Cheifs: Did I not say it on here they were going to be good? Well at 3-0 they are best in the division and the only undefeated team in the league!!
Chargers: This is there last year to do something it looks like they are either terrible or on top of there game. Vincent Jackson needs to come back to give them a deep threat.
Broncos: They are at 2-2 and i like that better. They will be under the radar and could make a push at the end.
Raiders: They have one win and it came against the Rams and the rookie. They have nothing there and let the coaching turnstyle continue.
AFC South:
Texans: SURPRISE they have a new top dog in the south as of now. They have maybe one of the top 3 QBs in the league.
Colts: 0-2 against the division very un colts like and i like it.
Titans: A joke of a team... a corner who likes his coach was fined for flipping the bird and everyone laughed.
Jaguars: Del Rio must go because this team is going no where.