Sunday, September 18, 2011

Jets Jaguars Week 2

So this week it was Jacksonville Jaguars vs. New York Jets. It was a full blown rout at MetLife stadium so many people would think, “Tim is going to be in a good mood and not do any bashing.” Well yes I’m thrilled for the win but no I will not skip the bashing. Defense won the game today for the Jets. Not once the whole game did the Jags make it into the red zone. The starting Quarterback for the Jags had 6 completions all game long and threw 4 picks. It was a defensive win and I can’t bash anyone on the number 2 defense in the league! The offense on the other hand is full game to my bashing. Brian Schottenheimer is beyond incompetent when it comes to play calling. He gets easily scared when the offense screws up that he calls basic run plays. Well so far all year neither of our backs has 100 yards rushing games. The fact is everyone knows when you are running it SHOTTY!! The crowd can read the play and say it, what do you think the pros are seeing? The conservative crap has to end because the offense is the weakest link to this team’s success. Sanchez can throw the ball but you won’t let him do it because you have your father genes. The team re signs Santonio Holmes and adds Plaxico and Derek Mason, yet today Plax did nothing in the passing game? He was bought in to help score more touchdowns not to just bring people into the stadium!!! KNOCK OFF THIS PLAY CALLING YOU ARE DRIVING THE FANS INSANE!!! If people in the stands know what you are doing the pros know! Also on a 3rd and 20 play why would you do a 3 yard draw play? Everyone talks you up to be this genius and all that but I have yet to see anything amazing from you. I personally call a better game plan when I’m on Madden 2012. All in all it was a great day for football. It was the right temperature for the game and weather was nice. No annoying fans in the stands and I talked to everyone I was sitting around.

Monday, September 12, 2011

NFL week one review

So week one of the NFL season is officially over with. Well as I write this Oakland vs. Denver is still going on with the Raiders up 23-13. I think the biggest shocker has to be the Steelers not showing up against Baltimore. They were pretty much the exact same team that won the AFC Title last season. They came out and threw up a dud for the whole game. Seven turnovers cost them big time and you can’t have that happen in this league. A lot of people think the Chiefs had the biggest disappointment this weekend in their 41-7 debacle against the Bills. Before we go on that one let’s just review last season. Chiefs won the AFC West at 10-6 when San Diego didn’t show up the first 10 weeks. At the 10 week mark last year which was there bye week, they were 4-5. After the bye they were 5-2 but it was too late for them. So the Chiefs got away with not having a powerhouse like the Chargers. I truly believe they can easily put up 11-12 plus wins a year with the team they have. The Broncos and Raiders are a non factor in that division, they are like the NFC West where only 1 or 2 teams can contend. I do think the Chiefs were a surprise team but more of a fluke. I have also heard the Giants are up on this list of disappointments. They only got TD’s from Manning who actually had to run and Bradshaw. I can only say they aren’t deep in cornerbacks after several injuries. I don’t think it was as bad of a disappointment as the Steelers. In this case Giants had ONE turnover Steelers had SEVEN! I think an improvement from last year on the Giants part anyway. Jets Cowboys was probably the best game I had ever attended. Scam Newton, oh I’m sorry Cam Newton had 422 passing yards which is an NFL record for most yards in a quarterback’s debut. I thought he was going to have the highest total but then Brady had to once again show up someone going for 511 and four touchdowns. This year’s NFL dream team dismantled the Rams on Sunday. I mean that in the score and also literally. Three guys on the rams got hurt and two may miss some significant time. I think the one player I’m most disappointed in would have to be McNabb in his Vikings debut. McNabb had only 39 yards passing with one touchdown and one interception. I think that has to be the worst performance I had seen in a long long time. As I am about to end this Oakland beat Denver 23-20 so week one is now officially over.

Jets Cowboys Week 1

Last night was the New York Jets home opener and boy was it a great game to have been at. Jets came back to win a thrilling 27-24 come from behind win. Pre game was an emotional wreck due to the 9/11 tributes that they were doing, I can say I was tearing up from it. The game itself was nothing to be proud about from either team. Cowboys I think have a bigger issue then the Jets do. Romo has been unable to produce in the 4th quarter for the majority of his career. This year they have Miles Austin for the mid range throws along with Jason Witten. Dez Bryant would be nasty for the deep pass if they used them correctly. Romo isn’t known for his 4th quarter play abilities and that showed last night. Two nasty turnovers by him cost Dallas a win. The fumble on the goal line I don’t think was as big if you compare it to the Revis interception that led to the Jets kicking the game winning field goal. The Jets biggest issue is the offensive coordinator in Shotty. He is so conservative that the Madden video games come up with better plays. He will call a play that works and you never see it again. Only when they have two minutes to go will the big plays come out. Jets have Burress, Holmes and Mason to use at wide out and have Dustin Keller at tight end. Use them more and increase productivity! If something bad should happen the playbook is closed even tighter and simple run plays are called. I have never been high on him and I never will. Either way a win is a win and the Jets stepped up when they needed to.

Monday, September 5, 2011

unbiased postseason predictions

AFC Playoff Seeds

1. 1.Patriots 13-3

2. 2.Chargers 12-4

3. 3.Ravens 11-5

4. 4.Texans 10-6

5. 5.Jets 12-4

6. 6.Colts 9-7

NFC Playoff Seeds

1. 1.Packers 12-4

2. 2.Saints 12-4

3. 3.Eagles 11-5

4. 4.Rams 9-7

5. 5.Falcons 11-5

6. 6.Giants 10-6


Jets Over Texans

Ravens Over Colts

Falcons Over Rams

Giants Over Eagles


Jets over Patriots

Chargers over Ravens

Packers over Falcons

Saints over Giants


Chargers Over Jets

Saints Over Packers


Saints over Chargers

I was debating about another one. I figure do just another post season one without my football bias on it since I am a pretty big Jets fan.

NFL season predictions

Okay I know it’s been way over due to do an update. I figured with this season coming I will do a team by team update and gives my predictions for the upcoming season. The way I talk about the teams is no indication as how they will finish.

NFC East:

Eagles- The off seasons “Dream Team” they have picked up insanely good players for a Super Bowl or bust year. Vick has gone a full 16 games only once in his whole career. The season rides on how well he plays. If he keeps the TD to interception ratio down they will do work.

Giants- Back to back seasons of no post season for the G-Men. Last year they blew it big time at the end of last year. Most notably Miracle at the New Meadowlands. Manning needs to protect the ball better 30 turn over’s last season can’t happen again. Coughlin is in the hot seat this year.

Cowboys- Started off the season terrible and got better once Romo was hurt and out for the year. Garrett had the team playing well when he took over. Can he keep it up this year? They really fixed no problems that they had from last year.

Redskins- Shannahan has actually made this team worse with his old school mindset of the game. He ran McNabb out of town and wanted nothing to do with Haynesworth. He has a team of no names or over rated players. Grossman came out to say they will win the East. Maybe a kid playing on Madden 2012 will do it but not in this world called REALITY!

NFC North

Packers- Defending Super Bowl champions and they are getting back all the injured players that miss all last year. This team is stacked on offense to keep this train rolling and I feel have a shot at repeating. Defense I still think they are a little weak at corner but they still have this kid Matthews in the Linebacking core.

Bears- I think a super lucky team from last year. Another year where the Defense saved the asses of the offense. Offensive line is terrible and let up the most sacks in the league. Cutler do you remember the Giants game at MetLife Stadium? Yeah probably not since you had a concussion. I think Lovie Smith is again on the hot seat. He has yet to produce a quality team. You can’t say the 2006 team was good. They had one of the best defenses to bail out Grossmans poor play.

Lions- A team I truly think could make it to 8-8 this year. Some people are saying post season for them and even beating out the Bears. I say hit the brakes and give them another year or two before you say that. Stafford has missed more games than he has played because he gets hurt so easily. See how he does this year and then it will be baby steps from there to make the post season. They will be in the post season in another year or two FACT.

Vikings- McNabb was picked up by the Vikes but he isn’t the answer to the problem. Defense was nothing like they were back in 2009. McNabb has great regular season numbers and then chokes in the post season or pukes depends how you view it. They need to play this kid Ponder before the year ends for them to do anything.

NFC West

Seahawks- Cinderella story coming out of nowhere to win a division with a 7-9 record. Yeah they were lucky to have been in the playoffs. That Saints team wasn’t the same team that won a Super Bowl the year before. They got rid of the franchise QB and got Jackson from the Vikings. I don’t see them going anywhere.

Rams- Bradford was surprisingly good last year after I thought he wouldn’t be good. He took his team one win from the post season. I see them making the next step and winning the division or wildcard this year.

Cardinals- Kevin Kolb signed an insane contract while having less than 10 careers starts. I should go try out for the Cards. He wasn’t good on Philly so I don’t see him being the answer to the problem

49ers- New head coach and a bust at quarterback. I think they are going all in the Andrew Luck sweepstakes to get the kid from Stanford. I don’t see them going over 5 wins.

NFC South

Saints- Finally ended the relationship with Bush and got Darren Sproles from San Diego. This team needs a run defense and they will be primed for a deep run.

Bucs- A surprise team with all talk and big mouths. Freeman has been highly praised and talked up so much yet no one can seem to produce his post season numbers since he has none! A quiet off season I don’t see them making any big moves in the south. With the top of the division staked pretty deep I don’t see them winning it but maybe a 5 or 6 seed with the wild card.

Falcons- Last year’s division winner with Matty Ice at QB. They only got better signing former Alabama wide out Julio Jones. Expect them to be in the post season yet again.

Panthers- Signed an unproven QB in Scam Newton, sorry I mean Cam Newton. Don’t expect him to do much no QB comes from the spread offense in college to go to a pro style offense in the pros.

AFC East

Jets- One again made it to the AFC Title game but couldn’t get over the hump. They got better on offense with Plax and Mason signing one year deals. It’s Super Bowl or bust once again for Rex. If they don’t make it to the Super Bowl. Shotty has to go he is the main reason we stink on offense with his Madden style of play calling.

Patriots- What can I possible say? Last year’s best regular season team. Brady got MVP; they signed Ochocinco and Hayneworth this off season. Expect anything less than 12 wins?

Dolphins- Celebrity ownership, stadium name change every two weeks? They need a solid owner and Henne has to be kicked out. I also see them going full steam for Andrew Luck. They signed Reggie Bush from New Orleans except he has only one full season under his belt.

Bills- Yeah it’s the Bills nothing else to say.

AFC North

Steelers- the NFL bad boys coming in as runner ups from last year. Still have a top ranked defense and good offense. I don’t see them returning though to the big dance. History isn’t on their side.

Ravens- Another top ranked defense but shaky offense. I don’t think Flacco is the answer for them but I’m just a fan of the game. He is hidden from scrutiny because the defense bails them out.

Browns- I think a team that could surprise teams. McCoy has a year now under his belt and I think could finish 8-8. No they won’t be in the post season in the AFC being as deep as it is but they could make some noise.

Bengals- No Palmer no Ochocinco… back to the basement of the NFL.

AFC West

Chargers- This is the year they have to do something or the window is closed. Regular season giants then one and done in the post season. Norv Turner is ON THE HOT SEAT. Super Bowl and he saves his job. Another one and done see you on the Unemployment line. Vincent Jackson is back for the year so expect a huge year. 11-12 win season and division crown.

Raiders- they went 8-8 last year and 6-0 vs. the division but in typical Raiders form fired the coach. Can someone explain that to me? They are taking a step back don’t expect that to happen again. Al Davis has to give up the reigns of the team.

Broncos- Tim Tebow Tim Tebow Tim Tebow is all we hear from Denver. It’s obvious this pre season he can’t play ball in the NFL. He looked horrible and lost out to quality QB’s. I could see them doing something but no playoffs.

Chiefs- Last year’s division winner because San Diego took the first half of the year off. They looked good against teams but against a quality opponent in Baltimore they were exposed. Don’t expect back to back playoff years.

AFC South

Colts- Manning may play he may not play no one knows for sure. He is the key to this team. Without him they won’t break 5 wins a year and everyone knows that. It shows when he doesn’t play. If he plays they take the division in this weak division.

Texans- Last two years now they were supposed to get past the 8-8 mark and take the division. This is the year they have to do it. Manning isn’t himself and could miss time they need to do it. Wade Phillips was picked up for defense coordinator. He could fix the defense problems. This is the year they do it or get rid of the coach.

Jaguars- I never got the hype of this team. Del Rio has done nothing since he has been coach. This has to be it for him because I don’t see them going anywhere in the division.

Titans- Let Jeff Fisher go after… well forever and got rid of the owners handpicked guy in Young. New coach and an over rated QB in Hasselback and a rookie QB in Locker. Don’t expect much yet again and they will be in rebuilding mode.

AFC Playoff Seeds

1. Patriots 13-3

2. Chargers 12-4

3. Ravens 11-5

4. Texans 10-6

5. Jets 12-4

6. Colts 9-7

NFC Playoff Seeds

1. Packers 12-4

2. Saints 12-4

3. Eagles 11-5

4. Rams 9-7

5. Falcons 11-5

6. Giants 10-6


Jets over Texans Jets over Packers

Ravens over Colts

Falcons over Rams

Giants over Eagles

Divisional Round

Jets over Patriots

Chargers over Ravens

Packers over Falcons

Saints over Giants


Jets over Chargers

Packers over Saints