Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Whose Next?

After only three weeks of the NFL season the talk has begun about what coaches are going to be fired first. The list I think is going to be very long come the end of the season. Here is a list of who I think will be axed unless the team magically improves.
Marvin Lewis
Eric Mangini
Jack Del Rio
Jeff Fisher
Tom Cable
Norv Turner
Wade Phillips
Tom Coughlin
Andy Reid
Brad Childress
John Fox
I only put Jeff Fisher on this list because the last time the team made the Super Bowl was back in 1999 and they lost. How long do you have to go before something is done with the head coach. Marvin Lewis had the bad boys of the NFL and still has to prove something in the league. Mangini is a defensive coordinator not a coach.... the penguin has to go. He doesn't control his teams and doesn't scream when he really should. Tom Cable really has no team and is going no where with the NFL's rejects. Norv Turner has a great team in the regular season yet cant do in the playoffs. Wade Phillips needs a big year to save his job... I think NFC Title game might save it. Most Giants fans want him gone in 2007 until he went to the SB and won it... he doesn't have a leader on the team and is losing them. Andy Reid has been to 5 NFC title games and is the winningest coach in Eagles history.... lets see those SB rings! Brad Childress is interesting to me... he has to regain control of this team. I predict something like the Cowboys when they revolted against Barry Swisher and they won the Super Bowl. Lastly John Fox this guy went to the Super Bowl in 2003 and has yet to prove anything since then. He should have gotten the ax last year but didn't.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

When will the Jets get respect?

Tonight on Sunday Night Football the New York Football Jets showed the football world they are for real this season. Without Calvin Pace and Revis the Jets managed to pull off a 31-23 win over the rival Dolphins. Alot of people were talking highly about the Dolphins due to the fact they were sitting at 2-0. They opened the season with a win over the Bills.... Monmouth University could beat the Bills. They played the Vikings next and they some how beat the Vikings. Farve was still getting through the pain in the ankle and made horrible throws. They fins put up 15 against the Bills and 14 against the Vikings. Okay sure they put up 23 against the Jets defense but they couldnt score when it counted the most. The Jets sat out Edwards to start the game and on his first major play he took it to the house for a touchdown. Wait until Holmes returns and watch how good the passing game is. Sanchez again threw for over 200 yards this week going for 256. He also threw for 3 touchdowns for the second game in a row. Tomlinson the guy everyone wrote off at the start of the year scored a touchdown tonight too. The Jets are only at 2-1 and are 2-0 in the division which puts them in first place. When will the Jets finally get some respect? You may be saying im biased due to the fact I am a die hard Jets fan and I have been for my whole life. The Jets will only get better when they get Pace, Revis and Holmes back.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

BCS Vs Boise State

BCS or the Bowl Championship Series is a system of live polls and a computer generated system to help determine college footballs national champion. It was put into place during the 1998 season to help determine the major bowl games played after the new year. They are called the big four and they are Rose Bowl, Sugar Bowl, Fiesta Bowl and Orange Bowl. The system is flawed because it uses a very complex computer system and only uses parts of the Associated Press polls to determine the National Title game. Since the 1998 season the system has had both 1 and 2 play against each other according to the BCS Polls. There have have only 9 times where the AP 1 and 2 have played against each other. The problem lies in that a small school known as Boise State. They have been known as the major under dog in the college football world. They are currently the 3rd ranked team in the country. They won last year in the Fiesta Bowl against TCU. They are also known for the 2007 Sugar Bowl against Oklahoma when they beat them 43-42 in overtime. The kid on that Boise State team purposed to his girlfriend on the field after the game was over. She was also a Boise State cheerleader. Americans love to hear about underdog stories. This squad is known for perfect seasons and beating nationally known college programs. The BCS is flawed in this case because most years the title game has some kind of flaw in it. Look at the last Florida national title that they won. They had to play the lowly sooners in that game when it should have been against Texas. For once, if they go undefeated, let these kids play in the biggest game of the year.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jose Bautista... FRAUD?

So today in MLB three major story lines occured but one made my blood boil. Albert Pujols ONCE AGAIN broke 40 home runs. This guy is considered by many to be the best pure player to play. He just broke 400 home runs this year and is known for hitting the ball over the wall. Ichiro Suzuki again hit 200 hits in a single season. This ties the record set by Pete Rose which is currently 10 straight seasons. This man is known for his legs and getting big hits. He isnt known for his big bat but for the small ball that he plays. Lastly today Jose Bautista hit his 50th home run. Why is this important you ask yourself? For the duration of his career he is NOT known for hitting the long ball. His career high until today was 16. Thats correct you are not going crazy his career high is 16. He averaged between 12-16 home runs a year for 5 of the last 6 years. Suddenly he belts 50 plus home runs in a season?? I'm calling fraud on this one. He "claims" that he adjusted his swing and when he commits to the ball. So basically you are saying for all these years now it was your swing holding you back? Im sorry but a hitting coach would have seen that and made that change years ago. He is on some kind of drug that needs to be found right away. Its one thing to see a steady increase in home runs over the course of a career but this is an insult to the game. Guys go from low to high steadily and you know they just improved. This guy goes from mediocre to suddenly being the king of swing. He is on steroids and im insulted that they are praising him like he is a god.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jeter (Cheat or gamesmanship)

I have always been a fan of Derek Jeter. I have honestly watched him from his first year in New York until today. I admire his playing and just what he brings to the Yankees. The other night though I did lose a little bit of respect for him due to him faking being hit by a pitch. From what I have heard and read people feel what he did was right along what others did. Football players using the ref to block other guys. Basketball players doing alittle more pushing then what is allowed. NASCAR drivers crashing guys so they dont win. So yeah cheating is all across sports and it is going to happen no matter what happens. Jeter is a different story. He is known for how clean he has been. He never had problems with the law like other plays... Vick comes to mind. He is only known for the gorgeous women he has dated. Some of the notable women he has been with include Joy Enriquez, Mariah Carey, former Miss Universe Lara Dutta, Jordana Brewster, Vanessa Minillo, Jessica Biel and Minka Kelly. I fully understand the whole hype and all. 5 World Series rings over the course of his career. 4 of them came in a 5 year span. He currently has more hits then any Yankee to ever play. He is known for his big time hits. What he did though in my view is busch league. He is suppose to be a man of integrity and is a role model to a lot of people. I don't agree with what he did but im just your everyday normal fan.

Friday, September 10, 2010

NFL Season Opener

Last night the Saints began there title defense against the Vikings. They were down in the Louisiana Superdome for this game. Everyone was hyping it up as the big rematch of the NFC Championship game. The game ended 14-9 in what actually turned out to be a defensive battle. Me personally, I was extremely disappointed in how the game turned out. Brett Farve notoriously is known for slow starts in the first game of the year. This had nothing to it though. A few big plays here and there but nothing of actual fun to watch. The Vikings has no real big play makers due to Percy Harvin being out much of camp due to Migraine headaches and Sidney Rice due to hip surgery. The Vikings looked way out of sync and were very rusty. The only good thing that came out of the game was that Adrian Peterson did not fumble the ball and he led the game in rushing with 87 yards rushing. The only Vikings turnover came from Bretts interception to Vilma. The Saints looked like the team from last year. Any time they wanted to throw the ball they could at will. Brees was on target and made no ill advised passes. The Vikings defense held them in check but the offense couldnt capitalize. As i previously stated the game was a disappointment for me personally. I was hoping for a shoot out from both QB's. It was only the first game and I guess things can only go up from here.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Return of Revis Island

After 36 long days the Revis holdout is officially over. This coming from ESPN and NFL websites. The deal is suppose to be a 7 year deal which can be voided after 4 years. With Revis back this gives the Jets officially the best secondary in all of football... want to fight about it? Look I am not here to start a fight about our teams. With Revis back now the Jets have one of the scariest defenses in all of football. He also brings leadership which I think has been lacking on that team all pre season long.