Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sanchez Bashing

Today was such a disgusting day to be a jets fan. They were absolutely horrible on offense today. The offense is stuck in some 1970's rut that they can't get out of. Running the ball against a team with no secondary? They literally can't stop a nose bleed yet Sparano doesn't see the need to pass it. I saw online that Sparano only wanted to play for the FG not the TD. I can fully see that and agree with that statement. I also agree that Tebow needs to go. He showboats on a meaningless 3 yard run?? I really hope he is kidding us with that kind of stuff. He gets a run like that and acts like he has won the SuperBowl. I saw MANY MANY MANY people blaming Sanchez for this lose. Did he help us at all, well no he should learn to throw the ball away quicker and take the lose of down not yards. How about we blame Sparano for the horrible play calling when we are down and we are playing conservative. How about blame the defense that couldn't do anything at the end of regulation and in OT. Look I know that the Pats are a hard hard team to play. The fact we were in this game with them annoys me that we couldn't finish them off. For anyone wanting Tebow in, id like to point this out. Tebow through these 6 games has 18 rushes for 64 yards and no touchdowns. His success in Denver was strong offensive line with a great tailback and good defense that held teams at bay. The Jets don't have those anymore. They look horrible in all ways. Trade Tebow for a draft pick or a solid running back. Get rid of Sparano because this experiment is a joke. To everyone who bashes Mark you mean nothing to me. He is our starting QB and you back him up. Tebow DOESNT give us a shot to win. We wouldn't have even been in this game today with him in.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jets off season

Okay so I know that I haven’t updated in awhile so I will try to be more regular with this. I will talk about the offseason so far and what I see happening. First of all the Tebow trade was the WORST pick up we could have done. I know people aren’t pro Sanchez but sadly hes our QB. I get that the Jets went after Manning and I understand that. Peyton is CLEARLY a better QB then Sanchez and I cant defend Mark on that one. I knew we wouldn’t get him due to the price he wanted and how much cap space we had. After that fell through Mark gets an extension and I figure we move on. Now Tebow gets picked up as a “backup” QB? Firstly he was bought in to sell tickets and merch. He doesn’t improve our team nor does he make it any better. He is a sub par QB with no arm what so ever. I don’t want to hear the Tebow just wins games, well so does Sanchez. If you do some research he is 27-20 in his career and happens to be 4-2 in the playoffs with back to back AFC Title games. Tebow isn’t even up there in Sanchez numbers. He is well below him. Tebow was a strictly marketing plot to give the team headlines. On to the possibility of Hard Knocks part 2. Its been done before and lets not do it. Its not a smart idea to do and history shows that the team that does it does not win the whole thing. The Jets love to upstage the Giants for headlines and all that in this area. The Jets sadly make headlines for all the wrong reasons while the Giants get them for WINNING. Lets just keep quiet and make headlines for winning games and winning the Super Bowl. The Jets will have to draft an Offensive linemen is not a few because the line is horrible. Also have to draft a linebacker or two, a safety and a bull rushing defensive linemen. We need to produce pressure on the QB to disrupt the timing they have.

Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 wildcard

So the Jets season is officially over and now I have to just sit back and enjoy some football without any bias. I think I can appreciate that I can just watch a game and not know it’s my team doing well or not. This article is my playoff preview that I will do before every round of the tournament. This weekend is the 4 games of the wildcard round.


4:30 Bengals at Texans in a rematch of the regular season match up. The Texans won that game on a last second TD from the Texans in Cincinnati. I don’t see this being the same thing as the first meeting. I think the Texans have too many injuries and only got into the playoffs because the division was so weak. Texans aren’t the same team they were since Matt Schaub got hurt. I am taking the Bengals in this one but I can’t say it’s an upset.

8 has Lions at Saints in yet another rematch. Unlike the other games this weekend I see this one being high scoring and a lot of offense. Saints have the better offense I think due to how deep they are in the receivers they have for Drew Brees. They also have the edge in that they are playing in the SuperDome which is known for the noise levels they create. Let’s not forget he holds the record for most yards passing in one season. I think the Lions are too young and just shoot themselves every week due to stupid penalties. I think the Saints will win. It won’t be by a lot but it will be a win and high scoring. WHO DAT


1 has Falcons at Giants from MetLife stadium. Falcons have the wildcard this year and won’t have the comforts of playing in the Georgia Dome. The Falcons are interesting in that no one really talks about them so they don’t have a lot of hype surrounding them. Julio Jones is a huge play maker for them with his ability to break free. The Giants I think have the better offense and defense. We know about the pass rush which does hide the terrible secondary they have. The offense is prolific in how easily they can score. Giants in a close one I think.

4:30 has Steelers at Broncos and this is an interesting one. I am so sick and tired of the hype of Tebow. I am a Florida State guy and never liked Tebow since his college days. I will never ever root for him. His offense can’t score on command like other teams. They are low scoring and have a decent defense. On the other side we know all about the smash mouth Steeler defense. They form tackle and bring HEAVY blitz packages. The Steeler offense is also big play worthy and has a more balanced offense. I think the Tebow story ends Sunday in Denver. Not high scoring but he will be held in check. I am stalking the Steelers in this one.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


So after the three game skid to end the season the Jets can’t make a magical run to the Super Bowl. A lot has been said about Santonio Holmes due to his ego. He was seen arguing in the huddle during the closing seconds of the Dolphins game with team mates. This past week 3rd string QB Greg McElroy said in an interview on an Alabama radio station that this was the most dysfunctional locker room he was a part of. He didn’t see certain people care if we won or lost just about their own stats. First off you are a 3rd string QB for a reason. You couldn’t beat out Burnell for backup and were the 3rd string guy. Secondly you DIDN’T PLAY a single game all year due to you being on IR. You have to be a part of the season and taking reps with the team to talk about the locker room. You may have seen things going on but the fact you weren’t a part of the season you can’t have an opinion. You are the low man on the totem pole and aren’t viewed as high as vets. Even Ryan Clark the starting cornerback from the Steelers said McElroy shouldn’t be talking about the locker room. Although I can see that Rex put in the mind set of talking to the media but the fact someone like that would talk. Just keep your mouth shut and PRAY you have a job with the Jets next year.