Friday, July 16, 2010

Lebron part 2

Okay so its been just about a week since the famous Lebron decision of where he would be playing for the next few years. I figured all the talk would end but it hasnt. He is still getting all the spot light on him and im starting to get annoyed. Everyone is annoyed at him and mad because of what he did. Has anyone noticed that the NBA is a business and he could choice where ever he wanted. Lay off the man and let him play. Many people are saying he took the easy road to a title by getting with Wade and Bosh to have the new big 3 in miami. Everyone was all up in arms when this happened and how dare they. How come no said that when the Celtics big 3 did the same thing. The very next year they won the title and everyone was excited. Now the one thing that has annoyed me about all this is everyone trying to get into Miami to play for a title. PENNY HARDAWAY wants in on this. The guy hasnt played in over 2 seasons. He has be constantly hurt and will only be sucking money out of the Heat just so he can win a title. He claims he can be an asset to the team and bring something to the table. They have the talent there already... they dont need some washed up old guy trying to tag along for the ride. I compare it to an older brother going on a weekend trip with friends and then at the last second... mom makes him take his younger brother along and ruins everything. I hope no one signs him and he has to sit there twirling his thumbs.

The next topic i wanted to talk about was the Terrell Owens deal going on. He wasnt resigned by the Bills at the end of the season and no one has bought him in for a try out. Drew Rosenhaus, His agent, claims they will have people calling they are just waiting. Look he is third all time in receiving TD's and in receiving yards. He has some talent whether you like him or not is not the topic here. His camp has to realize he will only be called now if someone has an injury to there team and needs a back up WR. He isnt going to be your number one anymore. Now you can point to his decline in numbers in Buffalo to say that. Frankly Jerry Rice would have seen his numbers decline too since the Bills are terrible. He has talent but they arent what they were. He is old at the age of 36 and has 14 years under his belt. No team is going to make him there number 1 receiver it just isnt going to happen maybe a 2 or 3. It may be time for him to hang them up.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


So today a true sports legend passed away... George Steinbrenner passed away today at 80 years old. He purchased the team back in 1973 for 10 million dollars. The team has grown to be worth well over 1 billion dollars. This man was in charge of 7 world series titles and 11 AL pennants being bought to the Bronx. Look you may or may not like this man but what he did for this franchise can not be over looked. They were the laughing stock of the league and he bought them back in the 70s. The 90's is where he made a name for himself being that the team won 4 titles in 5 years and went to two more after that. Winning the world series last year to add another ring to the mans hand. You cant say you didn't see this coming though. From the All Star game in 2008 at the OLD Yankee stadium until today you really didn't see from him or hear from him. He was in such bad health that it wouldn't have been much longer. He was a hated man but damn he was a respected man. Thanks for the memories George.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


The next weeks forecast across the northern US is going to be chilly. A cold front is moving in from Cleveland because of Lebron James. In case you have missed it which is pretty much impossible. He is considered the best free agent this off season. Until tonight though because he has declared he will be with the Miami Heat and leaving Cleveland. This has been the most talked about topic over the last week now. Where will he go?? Why will he go?? I want to clear some of this up for everyone. The Nets and Knicks were contenders for him because they had a large space in salary for him. I'm sorry you could offer me all the money in the world I would never play for them. The Nets are the worst team in the league and the Knicks haven't had any form of success in recent years. They are both rebuilding and from what I have heard the Nets are in the process of moving to Brooklyn. He is 25 years old people and in his prime. He wants a title by now. Everyone who plays a sport wants a title and the ring that goes with it. The Nets and the Knicks could not offer him that for years to come. He would go back to his rookie season and have to wait 8 years plus before his team even made it to the big time. The Heat are stacked now... They have Bosh, Wade and now James. As I will call them the new Big 3. I cant say whether or not they will win it all next season. They are going to be really good though as long as they can work together which I hope for. I am in no way a basketball fan and I actually find it real boring to watch. This is the last time I will discuss this topic. Now it is on to FarveCenter until the beginning of the NFL season.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

NFL Break Down

As promised I will go through a team by team break of the up coming NFL season. New York Jets rookie camp begins July 29th and veterans have to report August 1st. So the season is almost here. So I will start in the NFC and make my way over the AFC. This will be the only topic for this one.
Giants - This was a team that got a huge overhaul due to there recent success. Plax is doing time in jail and Pierce is bye bye. This squad lost a defensive coordinator to the head coaching department. They finished 3rd in the division at 8-8... now granted basically the whole defensive squad got hurt and Eli had that foot injury.
Eagles: Donovan Mcnabb is finally out of Philly. I can assure you many many fans are thrilled for him to be gone. This team has a decent QB to take over but no real backup. With recent events regarding Vick they could be in trouble. I don't see this team making it next year.
Cowboys: They finally won a game in December and won the division by sweeping the Eagles last year... sorry Philly fans. They beat them in the first round of the playoffs then got steam rolled by the Vikes. This is a promising team this year.
Redskins: New head coach and a new Veteran QB in McNabb. They don't have a defense and are coming off a 4-12 season. Haynesworth cant decide what he wants and is being a little baby about it. Give this squad a year or two to get themselves going and we could see a 4 team division who are all good.
Saints: Who Dat nation celebrated a Super Bowl win last season. 13-3 and the best team in the NFC. Bree's is on the cover of Madden and most of the team returns.... what could go wrong?? MADDEN CURSE!!!! He will get hurt, maybe not serious but enough to limit him.
Panthers: finished at 8-8 last season they got rid of the franchise QB Delhomme... FINALLY!!! They had one good year and that was back in 2003. Fox has made bad decisions over the years and now the team has a new QB in charge. They got Jimmy Clausen but I would doubt he gets any starts all year.
Falcons: Kind of a fun team to watch. The head coach for them is funny to watch and listen to and Matt Ryan has looked amazing since his first year. Missed the playoffs last season but I can see them making a huge push this coming year.
Bucs: They stink... they need years of rebuilding... NEXT!!!
Cardinals: Feel good story of the league... behind the Saints. They won back to back division titles and put up the most combined points in a playoff game with the Packers. To bad all there offense was dead after that game that they were destroyed by New Orleans in the Super Dome. Warner has officially hung up his cleats and now Leinart has to prove his worth.
49ers: Another fun team because of the coach. Singletary doesn't put up with anything and I can appreciate that. 8-8 last season but the division is so weak they could make waves.
Seahawks: Coming off a 5-11 year and a new head coach in Pete Caroll??? Look I like him and he proved he could do it in the NFL. He put together a small dynasty at USC. Give him a few years to build up this squad.
Rams: No comments
Vikings: Who is there QB???? If its Brett expect them to be just as good if not better. If its Jackson back down to a .500 squad again.
Packers: Should have won that shoot out with Arizona but a blown call and all that ruined a great game by Rodgers. His first year wasn't great... last year he was amazing. Expecting to see big things from him in the future.
Bears: Da Bears haven't done much since 2006... The defense there is getting old and they don't have that same spark. Hester should stay at kick returner because he hasn't done much there. Cutler is a whiny little punk... Said he would replace Elway???? He hasn't proven much to anyone.
Lions: Again... no comments for them.
Patriots: Brady's first year back from ACL surgery and took him a while to get going. It looked like they would run away this year. The defense looks out of touch and weak. The captains all left there so it all new guys. Brady became too cocky and now they aren't looking too good. Moss may or may not be playing or want to stay. Team is getting old and so is Belicheat.
Jets: Cinderella story last year... 9-7 and made the AFC title game and came 30 minutes from playing in the.... phew almost said it. That's a banned word in this house. Sanchez had too many interceptions and no one to throw to. Picked up Holmes and Tomlinson for the offense. The number 1 ranked defense picked up guys and are looking good to make a "run"... no pun intended.
Bills: Another bad team that cant get going. TO is out there and they have no real control up there. They hired a new head coach but I cant remember his name. This team has no stability and wont be going anywhere anytime soon.
Dolphins: The cat is boring and pointless. Teams now know how to block it. Except for the Jets... recap to the Monday Night let down of last year. They went from division champs to third place at 7-9. They couldn't stand up to some of the power house teams. Defense lost Taylor to the Jets. Ted Ginn Jr is also gone.
Colts: They are becoming a lot like the 90's Braves. They win all these division titles but only have one SB title to show for it. Manning made a terrible throw to give away the title to the Saints. High power offense that is going to return next year. Defense will be looking good too.
Titans: Fisher currently is the longest tenured coach in the league and he better thank Young for saving his ass. Started off last year 0-6 and management told them to go to young who got them to 8-8 to finish the year. Young now has a few problems going on and Chris Johnson wants more money.
Texans: First winning season in franchise history last year. No playoffs for them but they could get the wild card spot next season. Andre Johnson is there big guy and a tremendous player.
Jaguars: They have a coach who likes to dress nicely.... all I got on them. They cant stand up to the powerhouses.
Chargers: They continue there domination for at least another year. High powered team with a lot of weapons. Lost two players though already and may lose Wide Receiver Jackson. They need a Super Bowl berth though this year to save Turners job.
Broncos: A team that will turn the corner this year. A good defense and a very good offense and they will make some waves this year. They proved they could beat New England time to take the next step.
Chiefs: Patriots have all there old guys down there now. Weis and Cornell are both there as Offense and Defense Coordinators. Matt Cassell who had no success there with have an army of coaches who know how to win. Give them a year or two and they will be in the playoffs.
Raiders: HAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHA joke of a team
Bengals: They should have another show... Meet the Convicts. They have Ochocinco who is by far my favorite player because he is entertaining to watch. I'm sorry everyone. They didn't stake up well with the Jets and Revis island shut them down. They had a one hit wonder year.
Ravens: Went from 13-3 to 9-7 and couldn't pass the ball against New England. They had well over 300 yards rushing and I think below 20 yard passing. Have to give Flacco someone to throw to. They got Boldin from the Cardinals to do that now.
Steelers: The QB is out for at least 4-6 weeks to start the year and the QB taking for then doesn't have a record over .500. Not looking good for the steel city. They have the defense to help but the offense doesn't have a spark without Big Ben. They MAY get a wild card berth.
Browns: They have a lot of guys who they don't know how to use. Mangini isn't gonna hit it off and he will be gone by the end of the year.

East: Cowboys
South: Falcons
West: 49ers
North: Brett Farves Vikings or Packers
Wildcard: Giants and Viking/Packers
East: Jets
South: Colts
West: Chargers
North: Ravens
Wildcard: Bengals and Patriots

NFC Title Game
Packers Falcons
AFC Title Game
Jets Patriots
Super Bowl
Jets Packers