Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sanchez Bashing

Today was such a disgusting day to be a jets fan. They were absolutely horrible on offense today. The offense is stuck in some 1970's rut that they can't get out of. Running the ball against a team with no secondary? They literally can't stop a nose bleed yet Sparano doesn't see the need to pass it. I saw online that Sparano only wanted to play for the FG not the TD. I can fully see that and agree with that statement. I also agree that Tebow needs to go. He showboats on a meaningless 3 yard run?? I really hope he is kidding us with that kind of stuff. He gets a run like that and acts like he has won the SuperBowl. I saw MANY MANY MANY people blaming Sanchez for this lose. Did he help us at all, well no he should learn to throw the ball away quicker and take the lose of down not yards. How about we blame Sparano for the horrible play calling when we are down and we are playing conservative. How about blame the defense that couldn't do anything at the end of regulation and in OT. Look I know that the Pats are a hard hard team to play. The fact we were in this game with them annoys me that we couldn't finish them off. For anyone wanting Tebow in, id like to point this out. Tebow through these 6 games has 18 rushes for 64 yards and no touchdowns. His success in Denver was strong offensive line with a great tailback and good defense that held teams at bay. The Jets don't have those anymore. They look horrible in all ways. Trade Tebow for a draft pick or a solid running back. Get rid of Sparano because this experiment is a joke. To everyone who bashes Mark you mean nothing to me. He is our starting QB and you back him up. Tebow DOESNT give us a shot to win. We wouldn't have even been in this game today with him in.