Sunday, August 22, 2010

We survived farve watch 2010

As most people know Brett Farve has decided to come and play football again. He is going into his 20th season. He holds all types of football records good and bad. I was talking about this awhile back. I respect him for the player he is. He has the most passing yards the most touchdown passes and the most starts of anyone to play the game. He played the day after his father died and almost threw for 300 yards in a single half. He has played through all kinds of injuries and is said to be a great leader in the locker room. If anyone does not respect that then you are not human. I dont respect him though as a person. Every year he does the same thing over and over. It goes from he is done to he may come back. Look why not just say, "im not sure what I will do just yet i will let you all know when i know. Instead he has this media circus following him and it gets annoying after awhile. Im glad he is back though and it will do the game very good to have him back. The media circus around him needs to be controlled though.

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