Sunday, June 27, 2010

here it is

Well I am sure everyone has been waiting for this one. Here we go and lets start with baseball. I know it is suppose to be Americas past time and all that lovely stuff. I have gotten tired though of all these no hitters and perfect games we have had this year. As of last July there have been 6 no hitters of which 3 have been perfect games. I'm sorry I cant be excited about it anymore. The reason has to be the drop in PED or performance enhancing drugs. I know all the sites and shows are drooling over the pitchers this year. I'm not getting all the hype up though and maybe I am just a bad fan. ESPN had an ENTIRE day devoted to Strasburg and his big league debut. I know this is a huge deal for fans and the baseball world but he didn't pitch against anyone very good. His first two teams he faced were the Pirates and the Indians. If you look up both of the teams records they are both at the bottom of there divisions. Go ahead... check it out ill even give you a link Good your back see i told you. His third start was against the white sox and he got a no decision and the team still lost. So he played against two bad teams and won. He played a good team and got a no decision. His latest start which by my watch was 4 days ago. He played the Royals AND LOST!!! He is going to be the next Johan Santana. He is going to do very good in games but get no run support. Which is what happened in his last start. Gave up one run and still lost? I don't get it but that's my take on it.

Moving on to a short short segment on the World Cup taking place. I supported 4 teams going in USA England Portugal and Ireland. Ireland didn't get in because of a blown call against France. USA and England both got knocked out in the last two days. Your asking yourself why England and Portugal?? England because I like Wayne Rooney and I like Portugal cause of Cristiano Ronaldo. Just look Ronaldo up and tell me you don't like him.

Lastly and my biggest portion of this post... FOOTBALL!!! One month two days from right now the Jets Rookies report to camp. August 1st is whole team camp and I would go... but the site is 4 hours away and I wouldn't want to subject myself to that drive up and back. So I will go into my division picks and why... I will save a later post to breaking down team by team.
East: Jets... strong performance last year.... number 1 defense returning. They have weapons on offense now
South: Colts... went to the super bowl the team is hungry for more... the division has been there's since 2003
West: tough one for me but Chargers... they are the best team out there... no other team is ready to make the race with them.
North: Another tough one for but I'm gonna go with the Ravens. Coming off a disappointing year i think they will play Ravens football and they gave Flacco some weapons to throw to
East: This is super tough for me... Cowboys though... I KNOW I KNOW I'M SORRY!!!! Giants need a lot of work... Eagles lost all there stars and are old.. time to get rid of Reid. Redskins don't have a defense or offense... give this division a year or two to get back there swagger... also MILES AUSTIN plays for the boys
South: Falcons... madden curse strikes down Brees and the saints will fall... Defending Champs never have luck. Falcons have been looking great since cleaning up after Vick
West: This is the weakest division... 49ERS though reclaim glory. All the other teams are rebuilding... I like what Singletary has over there.
North: Depends who quarterbacks the Vikings. I'm gonna say either way though it will be the Packers... they are gonna be mad from last year and will show they still got it.

Well that's it for this one. Please let me know what you think. Next week check out my team by team break down... I will go through all 32 NFL teams.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

the first

Oh wow cool I created my own blog. So this is going to be a blog devoted to sports and only sports. Mainly football, baseball, and hockey with a few random ones every so often. My first official one is going to consist of my view on the baseball year so far and my predictions for the football season coming up.