Friday, July 16, 2010

Lebron part 2

Okay so its been just about a week since the famous Lebron decision of where he would be playing for the next few years. I figured all the talk would end but it hasnt. He is still getting all the spot light on him and im starting to get annoyed. Everyone is annoyed at him and mad because of what he did. Has anyone noticed that the NBA is a business and he could choice where ever he wanted. Lay off the man and let him play. Many people are saying he took the easy road to a title by getting with Wade and Bosh to have the new big 3 in miami. Everyone was all up in arms when this happened and how dare they. How come no said that when the Celtics big 3 did the same thing. The very next year they won the title and everyone was excited. Now the one thing that has annoyed me about all this is everyone trying to get into Miami to play for a title. PENNY HARDAWAY wants in on this. The guy hasnt played in over 2 seasons. He has be constantly hurt and will only be sucking money out of the Heat just so he can win a title. He claims he can be an asset to the team and bring something to the table. They have the talent there already... they dont need some washed up old guy trying to tag along for the ride. I compare it to an older brother going on a weekend trip with friends and then at the last second... mom makes him take his younger brother along and ruins everything. I hope no one signs him and he has to sit there twirling his thumbs.

The next topic i wanted to talk about was the Terrell Owens deal going on. He wasnt resigned by the Bills at the end of the season and no one has bought him in for a try out. Drew Rosenhaus, His agent, claims they will have people calling they are just waiting. Look he is third all time in receiving TD's and in receiving yards. He has some talent whether you like him or not is not the topic here. His camp has to realize he will only be called now if someone has an injury to there team and needs a back up WR. He isnt going to be your number one anymore. Now you can point to his decline in numbers in Buffalo to say that. Frankly Jerry Rice would have seen his numbers decline too since the Bills are terrible. He has talent but they arent what they were. He is old at the age of 36 and has 14 years under his belt. No team is going to make him there number 1 receiver it just isnt going to happen maybe a 2 or 3. It may be time for him to hang them up.

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  1. You're right, Lebron had every right to sign with the Heat. He was wrong in how he handled it. He made it a big media event and didn't let the Cavs know until 10mins before he went live. That's not how to treat a team that was good to him. T O should hang it up. It was nice not to listen to any of his antics last year.