Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Jets off season

Okay so I know that I haven’t updated in awhile so I will try to be more regular with this. I will talk about the offseason so far and what I see happening. First of all the Tebow trade was the WORST pick up we could have done. I know people aren’t pro Sanchez but sadly hes our QB. I get that the Jets went after Manning and I understand that. Peyton is CLEARLY a better QB then Sanchez and I cant defend Mark on that one. I knew we wouldn’t get him due to the price he wanted and how much cap space we had. After that fell through Mark gets an extension and I figure we move on. Now Tebow gets picked up as a “backup” QB? Firstly he was bought in to sell tickets and merch. He doesn’t improve our team nor does he make it any better. He is a sub par QB with no arm what so ever. I don’t want to hear the Tebow just wins games, well so does Sanchez. If you do some research he is 27-20 in his career and happens to be 4-2 in the playoffs with back to back AFC Title games. Tebow isn’t even up there in Sanchez numbers. He is well below him. Tebow was a strictly marketing plot to give the team headlines. On to the possibility of Hard Knocks part 2. Its been done before and lets not do it. Its not a smart idea to do and history shows that the team that does it does not win the whole thing. The Jets love to upstage the Giants for headlines and all that in this area. The Jets sadly make headlines for all the wrong reasons while the Giants get them for WINNING. Lets just keep quiet and make headlines for winning games and winning the Super Bowl. The Jets will have to draft an Offensive linemen is not a few because the line is horrible. Also have to draft a linebacker or two, a safety and a bull rushing defensive linemen. We need to produce pressure on the QB to disrupt the timing they have.