Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Head Coaching changes

Beginning of the NFL season I announced several head coaches who I thought should be fired during or after this NFL season I went back and found the names and here they are.
Eric Mangini
Tom Cable
Norv Turner
Marvin Lewis
Jack Del Rio
Jeff Fisher
Wade Phillips
Tom Coughlin
Andy Reid
Brad Childress
John Fox
Everyone in red has been fired. Here are a few of the ones I got wrong. Coughlin and Reid actually had good years this year. Coughlin cant take all the blame for the Giants falling apart in the end and he cant be blamed for Eli's turnover problems. Reid had his butt saved because of the switch over to Vick in week 2. The defense of the team has taken a big blow but I do see them getting that swagger back. Besides them here are the rest of this list. Marvin Lewis SHOULD be fired. This team has had two good years.. both those years in the playoffs they were one and done. He will be getting more control over the team so lets see how he does. Jack Del Rio is a joke of a coach. His team had the AFC South locked and they ended up fully missing the playoffs. He hasnt done much since becoming coach and he needs to go. Norv Turner is just a weird case. His teams always do great in the season and then come crunch time AKA the playoffs they crumble. This year they got off to a slow start and they couldnt recover.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Matt Dodge??

This whole NFL season I have constantly heard all negative comments about the Giants kicker Matt Dodge. He cant get hang time... he cant do directionals... he whiffs on kicks. Well he is a rookie and maybe people have too much on him. Today he was BLAMED for the Giants loss. I personally watched the game and yeah that punt should of went out of bounds away from Jackson and that play shouldn't have happened. This loss wasnt just because of him it should be on Tom Coughlin. The Eagles were down 21 points in the second half and the Giants could have killed the momentum. Manningham had a fumble on the sideline and the Eagles recovered. The scored on that following drive to cut it to 14 points. Watching this game I was saying they will kick an on side kick to get it back to score again. My father ALSO said the same thing and the Eagles did kick an onside. The Giants did not see that happening and had out the normal kick off team. This was the turning point They went down and scored again and ended up tying the game. The Giants got the game clock down to 13 seconds and the punt happened and the return happened. Now if Dodge got it out of bounds or did something different sure the Giants may have won this game. Sure he will probably be fired due to the fact this is not the first time he did something like this. Coughlin should be on the hot seat for letting a 21 point lead fade away from you.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Brian Schottenheimer is a BUM!!!

Brian Schottenheimer is such a bad piece to the Jets puzzle. He was picked up originally by the Jets in 2006 by then coach Eric Mangini. He was known for creative plays and was highly regarded as a future head coach. The last two years though he has slowed this teams potential in my opinion. Just in todays game against the Dolphins his play calling was so inept that it made Madden play calling look amazing. There was a play on a 4th and 2 and he ran a wildcat run up the middle??? It would have work had the Fins not put 9 guys in the box to stop Greene from running. He doesnt change anything up ever and when he calls plays they are so predictable. God forbid if he changed something up on the opposing team to confuse them. What is it with this no passing crap??? The team has Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes and they never seem to get the ball. Throw the ball more you pathetic waste of space. He is the son of Marty Schottenheimer and he too was fired from his job. Martys younger brother was also fired from the Packers because he had a terrible year. If the Jets got rid of this fool and put someone good in this team would be Super Bowl ready... FIRE SCHOTTENHEIMER!!!!