Saturday, August 14, 2010

Jets Giants game

As most football fans know the Giants and Jets shared a stadium. Shockingly this stadium was called Giants Stadium.... shocking I know I was too. Giants were the landlord and the Jets were tenants in a small house and had to pay to be there for years. This year though they both have equal rights in the New Meadowlands Stadium. Jets and Giants got married and are sharing the landlords house now. The arguments have now come up as to what the stadium is going to be called. Last time i checked the stadium had NO NAME!!!! It is being called the New Meadowlands Stadium just until they get a top sponsor. They came close to this German bank but it turns out they were affiliated with Nazi Germany back in WWII and many local Jewish groups were against it so they ended talks with the bank. The stadium is NOT and i repeat NOT Giants stadium. Giant fans can keep saying that is the name but show me where it says it on the new stadium and I will believe you on that. Today in the Asbury Park Press had an article asking about why they closed down the old stadium. How about it was OLD and that both teams wanted a new stadium??? The article talks about how the stadium has no escalators and the concourses are too small for this guy. My mom and dad both went to check out our new seats and mom was telling me that the guy was completely wrong. This guy was just annoyed cause his precious GMEN lost there home. The Giants still have an amazing NEW home I don't get why you are so mad. There was an article on ESPN talking about how this Giants Rookie was saying he wants to kick the Jets ass and how we use the Giants field and Stadium. As stated before the two teams now have EQUAL share in the stadium and is split 50/50. Its comments like this that get my blood boiling. At least investigate before you talk this way you don't look like a moron. They article talks a lot about how the Giants haven't watched the show Hard Knocks. The show follows the Jets through training camp and how they run. Most people probably wont watch it because they either don't like football or don't like the Jets. I'm sorry but when does watching a show matter in a game? The game on Monday is a PRESEASON GAME!!!!! There is nothing at stake except for "bragging rights" I use quotation marks because its preseason and nothing is proven in the preseason.

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