Sunday, December 18, 2011

Week 15

I figure write this while all my ideas are still in my head. Jets laid an egg tonight in Philly. The ONLY bright spot of tonight was the special teams. They didn’t turn over the ball and gave the jets good field position all night. Defense couldn’t stop a nose bleed to save themselves. Vick threw all over us and once again hurt us with a tight end. Eric Smith isn’t a good safety at all and has to go. The defense didn’t take away the edges to keep Vick contained at all. He ran all over us and even got a TD against the “vaunted” jets defense! McCoy dropped 100 yards rushing on us and 3 touchdowns. While that helped me in fantasy football it was pathetic against the jets. Offense was a flat out joke tonight. Schotty did nothing to help Sanchez out with the protection. Hunter and Ducasse can’t play football at all and it was showed. Babin destroyed the right side of the line which is where Woody use to play. PUT A GOD DAMN TIGHTEND OVER THERE TO HELP OUT!!!! They had free rushers taking shots at Sanchez all night. Today’s goat is Holmes because of his bone headed plays. Now some people including myself can’t fault him on the fumble because the guy came flying it and hit the ball with his helmet. The touchdown celebration was uncalled for and should be punished. This crap HAS to end now because this team won’t go far in the playoffs playing like this. Schotty has a game plan that works and just gets rid of it. I read online this past Friday that Miami may be interested in Schotty I think any fan can hope he is taken.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Desean Jackson

This one may spark a controversy but I think it’s worth talking about. A lot of people have gotten on Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson for his play this year. He has averaged 1,000 yards and 5 TD’s in each of his first 3 years. This year he is supposed to be under both those numbers. I may be one of the few people to defend him on this topic. First look at how badly the Eagles screwed him over. He was drafted 49th overall back 2008 by the Eagles. Over the next 3 years he has shown he can produce in the NFL time and time again. We all remember the Miracle at the NEW Meadowlands when he took that punt back. This year he wanted a new contract but the Eagles would give him one. He came to camp and said he would play to show he deserves one but other things changed. They signed Asmougha, Rodgers-Cromartie, Young, Jenkins and Brown. They all took decent contracts to come and play. As Jackson id be sitting there saying well I’ve have been with this team for 3 years and produced. These guys can just walk in and take all that money? He is annoyed at the team. Secondly I believe they aren’t using him correctly. At the NFL combine in 2008 he ran a 4.35 40 yard dash. That same year Chris Johnson ran a 4.25 40 so Desean has some speed in him. What they should be doing is telling him to go on a long streak up the sideline and bomb a deep ball to him. With his speed all he has to do is adjust to the ball and get it. During the course of the year I have seen him on little short routes which is not what he should be used for. He is a deep threat with speed I don’t think anyone can touch. Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis had 4.38 40 time at his pro day in 2007. Desean Jackson may be one of the fastest guys in the NFL today yet they aren’t using him for the deep threat.

Coaching changes 2012

With 12 weeks of NFL football over with. Here are some coaching changes I believe will be made during the offseason. Included will be already fired head coach Jack Del Rio. I predicted he would be gone last year but they kept him on a year too long.

Jack Del Rio – As a head coach he went 68-71 over 9 nines and 1-2 in the playoffs. He never led the Jaguars to a division title in his time there. I truly believed he would be gone after last season but I was mistaken. They haven’t had a winning record since 2007 and I felt his time was up.

Tom Coughlin – I apologize to any Giants fan reading this. If this season ends without a playoff berth I truly believe he will be gone. After last year’s debacle where they gave up a 21 point lead to the Eagles then took a complete beat down by the Packers, I truly thought he would be gone. The Giants kept him on staff but I think this is going to be it. As I said IF this team doesn’t make the playoffs for a third straight year. Ever since the Super Bowl run they had in 2007 here is what the Giants have done. 2008 they finished first in the NFC East and overall 1 seed in the playoffs with a 12-4 record. They were one and done in the divisional round of the playoffs verse the Philadelphia Eagles. 2009 they finish 3rd in the NFC East with an 8-8 record and 2010 finished second in the NFC East with a 10-6 record. It should be noted 2009 and 2010 they failed to make the playoffs after late season collapses.

Andy Reid – Yes I said good ole Andy Reid. In the regular season he is an amazing 122-81 but in the post season he is only 10-9. He is known to have great teams through the years but this year was supposed to be magical. He had a “dream team” of players and I thought would at least make the playoffs. At 4-8 they are all but done now. He also made an offensive line coach his defensive coordinator. He should have just called me up to run the defense. I need a job Andy, hook me up man! He was known for going to 5 NFC Championship games in his tenure. That is an impressive stat but at 1-4 I wouldn’t be talking about that. He also lost the only Super Bowl he ever went to.

Mike Shanahan – In only his second year with Washington he has done NOTHING to improve that team. He basically pushed Mcnabb and Haynesworth out the door when he got there. He wanted nothing to do with Mcnabb and it was evident all season long. Shanahan may have had a point though due to the fact Mcnabb is current unemployed. He never used Haynesworth to his strengths, Shanahan wanted a yes sir kind of guy and Albert wasn’t going to do that. I think they will be fed up due to the fact they have been terrible both these years.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Jets Playoffs?

I think any fan can honestly say this was a rough 5 days to be a Jets fan. Last Sunday losing to the Patriots in our house then going to Denver and losing to Tebow. Jets are sitting at 5-5 and may or may not be in the post season this year. Looking at the schedule though tells a promising story to end the year. The team they have now and how they play 4 easy wins and 2 questionable games. At 9-7 to end the year there is a good shot of getting into the playoffs. Bills, Chiefs, Redskins and Dolphins are all teams the Jets SHOULD beat. I capitalize should because we never know what team is going to show up for those games. All those teams I named excluding the Bills have a losing record and haven’t shown much this season. With that said, the way the Jets have been playing these are no easy win games to say the least. Every single one of these teams could put up a fight and pull off the upset on us. The two questionable games I see coming up are the Eagles and Giants. Eagles are a good team that has come up big lately and has shown promise. Vick could be the X factor for that game and could easily burn us. Giants I think are a sick team and want to prove they are New York’s team. They have a potent offense and a pass rush that could rattle Sanchez. I said it before I think a 4-2 record down the stretch COULD be good enough for a playoff berth. On the other hand it is the Jets and this year we never know what team is going to show up for the games.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Jets vs Patriots

So last night I was at the Jets Patriots game. Well well where should I even begin to start? Well first and for most that was beyond pathetic to have to sit through. The offense had ONE good drive, which was our opening one. They drove down and of course missed a field goal to the left. That was the bright spot of our game last night. The offense had no momentum to speak of. The play calling was horrible against the WORST DEFENSE in the whole league. They came into the game ranked 32nd in the league and the Jets made them look like a top 5 defense last night. The defense was crap too. They got NO pressure on Brady which is what you have to do to beat him. They only had one true sack in the end zone for a safety. Brady lost a fumble and recovered in at the line so I’m not sure if that is going to go down as a sack or not. No turnovers for the Jets what so ever throughout the game. When Brady went into the no huddle the defense was lost and didn’t know how to defend it and Brady picked them apart the whole way to the endzone. Rex wanted us fans in the stadium to be loud and be the 12th man for them. Well Rex we all showed up and it was pure madness in the stadium. Where the hell was the team to work off the crowd? You have preached to have a home playoff game yet you can’t beat a division team!! I have been a fan of the team since birth and I’m embarrassed to represent the team. You want a home game you need to get the team in check big time. Sanchez is not the one to blame for last night’s loss. He made a few bad throws but he wasn’t on the defense that blew it. Sanchez was NOT on the special team that dropped the ball on our own 20. Shotty once again blew it against a quality team. He can’t call a game to save him. Something on offense works and he drops it after it works and we never see it again. No I’m not some bandwagon fan so if you say that about me I don’t want to hear it. I am just annoyed about how we performed. This Thursday we play the Broncos in Denver and we need a big game. A win by at least 14 points or more will bring the team back to having pride. We can’t allow this game to be tight and come down to a few key plays.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Jets Patriots week 5

The fun and games has to be over in Jets land after this past weekend’s game. Not only do we have a tired out defense our offense is a joke. The defense is exhausted and can’t play. The offense has to stop having three and outs and send the defense right back out on the field. Schotty is the problem to these issues due to continued venting of Jets Nation on him. This past weekend I was told I shove stats down people’s throats and I’m annoying? Well look at those stats and tell me they aren’t true! The Patriots defense let up ON AVERAGE 400+ yards a game this year. It’s a proven fact since last year they have no defense or at least a limited team. The Jets could ONLY muster up 255 of TOTAL offense. Schotty is the play caller here and can’t seem to do a good job at it. Mason said it’s a breath of fresh air to be in Houston and it only took him 5 weeks to figure out how bad this offense is. Over his whole career Schottys offenses have ranked at the bottom of the league passing wise. People want Sanchez to change the plays at the line and do more on his own. He isn’t allowed to do it; Schotty and Rex don’t allow him to change plays. I understand people blaming the defense and I understand it completely. If the defense lets up 20 points though, the offense has to be able to post the same amount too. The defense is exhausted from the last 3 years of this grind and they are giving up on the offense. They work their butts off and the offense can’t even sustain a drive to give them time to rest up. It’s a team game and all that stuff but if the team isn’t helping each other out. This past Sunday the Patriots offense marched down on us giving the defense time to rest because we could do nothing right. I am not sold on Shonn Greene since he hasn’t done much since his rookie campaign. The ground and pound aspect is gone from this team and our identity can’t be something we can’t do. The Ravens two weeks ago stacked 9 in the box and we gained no yards on a run play. Former Jets Wide Receiver David Clowney watched that game and knew the plays we were going to do. The sad part is he hasn’t been with the team for a year. Schotty is so predictable and conservative it’s gotten annoying. Plaxico Burress has been a non factor our big time play maker Santonio Holmes gets no passes to him. LT has nothing going for him and no offensive line to speak of. The offense has been the downfall for years and years now and it won’t stop till Schotty is gone.