Sunday, September 18, 2011

Jets Jaguars Week 2

So this week it was Jacksonville Jaguars vs. New York Jets. It was a full blown rout at MetLife stadium so many people would think, “Tim is going to be in a good mood and not do any bashing.” Well yes I’m thrilled for the win but no I will not skip the bashing. Defense won the game today for the Jets. Not once the whole game did the Jags make it into the red zone. The starting Quarterback for the Jags had 6 completions all game long and threw 4 picks. It was a defensive win and I can’t bash anyone on the number 2 defense in the league! The offense on the other hand is full game to my bashing. Brian Schottenheimer is beyond incompetent when it comes to play calling. He gets easily scared when the offense screws up that he calls basic run plays. Well so far all year neither of our backs has 100 yards rushing games. The fact is everyone knows when you are running it SHOTTY!! The crowd can read the play and say it, what do you think the pros are seeing? The conservative crap has to end because the offense is the weakest link to this team’s success. Sanchez can throw the ball but you won’t let him do it because you have your father genes. The team re signs Santonio Holmes and adds Plaxico and Derek Mason, yet today Plax did nothing in the passing game? He was bought in to help score more touchdowns not to just bring people into the stadium!!! KNOCK OFF THIS PLAY CALLING YOU ARE DRIVING THE FANS INSANE!!! If people in the stands know what you are doing the pros know! Also on a 3rd and 20 play why would you do a 3 yard draw play? Everyone talks you up to be this genius and all that but I have yet to see anything amazing from you. I personally call a better game plan when I’m on Madden 2012. All in all it was a great day for football. It was the right temperature for the game and weather was nice. No annoying fans in the stands and I talked to everyone I was sitting around.

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  1. Agreed completely. I was pissed to see Plaxico, whom we know can score for us, barely in the game. It didn't make sense. Fuck Shotty cause we all know he's a douchebag. Overall this is pretty accurate. Defense still amazing, offense sill needs work. Typical Jets.