Monday, September 12, 2011

NFL week one review

So week one of the NFL season is officially over with. Well as I write this Oakland vs. Denver is still going on with the Raiders up 23-13. I think the biggest shocker has to be the Steelers not showing up against Baltimore. They were pretty much the exact same team that won the AFC Title last season. They came out and threw up a dud for the whole game. Seven turnovers cost them big time and you can’t have that happen in this league. A lot of people think the Chiefs had the biggest disappointment this weekend in their 41-7 debacle against the Bills. Before we go on that one let’s just review last season. Chiefs won the AFC West at 10-6 when San Diego didn’t show up the first 10 weeks. At the 10 week mark last year which was there bye week, they were 4-5. After the bye they were 5-2 but it was too late for them. So the Chiefs got away with not having a powerhouse like the Chargers. I truly believe they can easily put up 11-12 plus wins a year with the team they have. The Broncos and Raiders are a non factor in that division, they are like the NFC West where only 1 or 2 teams can contend. I do think the Chiefs were a surprise team but more of a fluke. I have also heard the Giants are up on this list of disappointments. They only got TD’s from Manning who actually had to run and Bradshaw. I can only say they aren’t deep in cornerbacks after several injuries. I don’t think it was as bad of a disappointment as the Steelers. In this case Giants had ONE turnover Steelers had SEVEN! I think an improvement from last year on the Giants part anyway. Jets Cowboys was probably the best game I had ever attended. Scam Newton, oh I’m sorry Cam Newton had 422 passing yards which is an NFL record for most yards in a quarterback’s debut. I thought he was going to have the highest total but then Brady had to once again show up someone going for 511 and four touchdowns. This year’s NFL dream team dismantled the Rams on Sunday. I mean that in the score and also literally. Three guys on the rams got hurt and two may miss some significant time. I think the one player I’m most disappointed in would have to be McNabb in his Vikings debut. McNabb had only 39 yards passing with one touchdown and one interception. I think that has to be the worst performance I had seen in a long long time. As I am about to end this Oakland beat Denver 23-20 so week one is now officially over.

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