Sunday, October 2, 2011

Jets Ravens week 4

I know I missed last week’s game to talk about it. Basically that was the whole team stinking it up in Oakland. The offense, the defense and special teams all stunk it up. This week is way worse when the Jets went to Baltimore. The offense truly did nothing all game! The only offensive touchdown scored all game was a Ray Rice 3 yard touchdown all the way in the 1st quarter! Offense on both teams was terrible tonight but the Jets offense was horrid!! I don’t even think tonight can count as an offensive showing! Jets in total had 150 yards for the whole game on offense. Last week Sanchez had a career day passing with over 330. Now before anyone goes down my throat I do realize that the Ravens defense is a much better squad then the Raiders. So hats off to this squad who destroyed the Jets. For the fantasy junkies out there reading the Ravens defense is my defense that started and gave me 32 points so I guess I have to be somewhat happy. The Jets offense was terrible in every way possible. Brian Schottenheimer is such a freaking waste of time and space on this team. He is the worst thing on the whole Jets organization!! He has the worst play calling I have ever seen. The talent on this squad could EASILY put up 30 plus points a game and we would have been set. The offense let up 21 freaking points by two fumble returns and a pick 6. Take away the 21 points by the offense that were let up it’s a 17-13 Jets victory tonight. The defense let up 13 points against Baltimore. I shall repeat that the Jets defense let up 13 points. That is exactly what a quality defense is supposed to do. Minimize the damage and allow the offense a shot to put up points. Well the Jets had two turnovers by that defense and only got 3 points out of it. On top of that the very next play after a fumble Sanchez throws a lovely screen pass to the Ravens and it’s returned 70 plus yards for a td. Schotty I know that Rex loves you and all but all of Jets Nation hates you! STOP with all the crappy calls that you do!! You are the sole reason we won’t win a superbowl with Rex. Your play calling is insanely predictable and the fans all know it. If we the fans know the professionals can read you like a book! Last week should have been a party for scoring and you blow that! If something works and gains yards you stop doing it. This week you had to add some points up and all you do is conservative play calling because the offensive line is terrible. What will happen next week in New England? The defense is good but they won’t shut out Brady and that vaunted offense. As a fan I know they will put up points but I don’t know how we will. You can’t call plays and you don’t use the players you have. STOP SAYING THIS GROUND AND POUND CRAP!!! Against the Ravens tonight we got a total of 38 yards!! 38 FREAKING YARDS with the VAUNTED JETS GROUND GAME! Last week it was only 100 on 25 attempts. So that averages to be 4 yards a carry Brian! Against the Ravens it was 38 yards on 19 attempts averaging to an amazing TWO YARDS A CARRY!! It wasn’t working why the hell would you continue! Please every Jet fan that reads this and has a twitter account use the hash tag #FireSchotty or #FireShotty! Please we got to get rid of this clown! We have Holmes Burress and Mason and no one is afraid of them. Tomlinson is nowhere to be seen and Shaun Greene sucks! I have faith in this team till I die people but this offense has to able to produce points at some point!

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