Monday, September 12, 2011

Jets Cowboys Week 1

Last night was the New York Jets home opener and boy was it a great game to have been at. Jets came back to win a thrilling 27-24 come from behind win. Pre game was an emotional wreck due to the 9/11 tributes that they were doing, I can say I was tearing up from it. The game itself was nothing to be proud about from either team. Cowboys I think have a bigger issue then the Jets do. Romo has been unable to produce in the 4th quarter for the majority of his career. This year they have Miles Austin for the mid range throws along with Jason Witten. Dez Bryant would be nasty for the deep pass if they used them correctly. Romo isn’t known for his 4th quarter play abilities and that showed last night. Two nasty turnovers by him cost Dallas a win. The fumble on the goal line I don’t think was as big if you compare it to the Revis interception that led to the Jets kicking the game winning field goal. The Jets biggest issue is the offensive coordinator in Shotty. He is so conservative that the Madden video games come up with better plays. He will call a play that works and you never see it again. Only when they have two minutes to go will the big plays come out. Jets have Burress, Holmes and Mason to use at wide out and have Dustin Keller at tight end. Use them more and increase productivity! If something bad should happen the playbook is closed even tighter and simple run plays are called. I have never been high on him and I never will. Either way a win is a win and the Jets stepped up when they needed to.

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