Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Whose Next?

After only three weeks of the NFL season the talk has begun about what coaches are going to be fired first. The list I think is going to be very long come the end of the season. Here is a list of who I think will be axed unless the team magically improves.
Marvin Lewis
Eric Mangini
Jack Del Rio
Jeff Fisher
Tom Cable
Norv Turner
Wade Phillips
Tom Coughlin
Andy Reid
Brad Childress
John Fox
I only put Jeff Fisher on this list because the last time the team made the Super Bowl was back in 1999 and they lost. How long do you have to go before something is done with the head coach. Marvin Lewis had the bad boys of the NFL and still has to prove something in the league. Mangini is a defensive coordinator not a coach.... the penguin has to go. He doesn't control his teams and doesn't scream when he really should. Tom Cable really has no team and is going no where with the NFL's rejects. Norv Turner has a great team in the regular season yet cant do in the playoffs. Wade Phillips needs a big year to save his job... I think NFC Title game might save it. Most Giants fans want him gone in 2007 until he went to the SB and won it... he doesn't have a leader on the team and is losing them. Andy Reid has been to 5 NFC title games and is the winningest coach in Eagles history.... lets see those SB rings! Brad Childress is interesting to me... he has to regain control of this team. I predict something like the Cowboys when they revolted against Barry Swisher and they won the Super Bowl. Lastly John Fox this guy went to the Super Bowl in 2003 and has yet to prove anything since then. He should have gotten the ax last year but didn't.

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