Sunday, September 26, 2010

When will the Jets get respect?

Tonight on Sunday Night Football the New York Football Jets showed the football world they are for real this season. Without Calvin Pace and Revis the Jets managed to pull off a 31-23 win over the rival Dolphins. Alot of people were talking highly about the Dolphins due to the fact they were sitting at 2-0. They opened the season with a win over the Bills.... Monmouth University could beat the Bills. They played the Vikings next and they some how beat the Vikings. Farve was still getting through the pain in the ankle and made horrible throws. They fins put up 15 against the Bills and 14 against the Vikings. Okay sure they put up 23 against the Jets defense but they couldnt score when it counted the most. The Jets sat out Edwards to start the game and on his first major play he took it to the house for a touchdown. Wait until Holmes returns and watch how good the passing game is. Sanchez again threw for over 200 yards this week going for 256. He also threw for 3 touchdowns for the second game in a row. Tomlinson the guy everyone wrote off at the start of the year scored a touchdown tonight too. The Jets are only at 2-1 and are 2-0 in the division which puts them in first place. When will the Jets finally get some respect? You may be saying im biased due to the fact I am a die hard Jets fan and I have been for my whole life. The Jets will only get better when they get Pace, Revis and Holmes back.

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