Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jose Bautista... FRAUD?

So today in MLB three major story lines occured but one made my blood boil. Albert Pujols ONCE AGAIN broke 40 home runs. This guy is considered by many to be the best pure player to play. He just broke 400 home runs this year and is known for hitting the ball over the wall. Ichiro Suzuki again hit 200 hits in a single season. This ties the record set by Pete Rose which is currently 10 straight seasons. This man is known for his legs and getting big hits. He isnt known for his big bat but for the small ball that he plays. Lastly today Jose Bautista hit his 50th home run. Why is this important you ask yourself? For the duration of his career he is NOT known for hitting the long ball. His career high until today was 16. Thats correct you are not going crazy his career high is 16. He averaged between 12-16 home runs a year for 5 of the last 6 years. Suddenly he belts 50 plus home runs in a season?? I'm calling fraud on this one. He "claims" that he adjusted his swing and when he commits to the ball. So basically you are saying for all these years now it was your swing holding you back? Im sorry but a hitting coach would have seen that and made that change years ago. He is on some kind of drug that needs to be found right away. Its one thing to see a steady increase in home runs over the course of a career but this is an insult to the game. Guys go from low to high steadily and you know they just improved. This guy goes from mediocre to suddenly being the king of swing. He is on steroids and im insulted that they are praising him like he is a god.

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