Thursday, October 13, 2011

Jets Patriots week 5

The fun and games has to be over in Jets land after this past weekend’s game. Not only do we have a tired out defense our offense is a joke. The defense is exhausted and can’t play. The offense has to stop having three and outs and send the defense right back out on the field. Schotty is the problem to these issues due to continued venting of Jets Nation on him. This past weekend I was told I shove stats down people’s throats and I’m annoying? Well look at those stats and tell me they aren’t true! The Patriots defense let up ON AVERAGE 400+ yards a game this year. It’s a proven fact since last year they have no defense or at least a limited team. The Jets could ONLY muster up 255 of TOTAL offense. Schotty is the play caller here and can’t seem to do a good job at it. Mason said it’s a breath of fresh air to be in Houston and it only took him 5 weeks to figure out how bad this offense is. Over his whole career Schottys offenses have ranked at the bottom of the league passing wise. People want Sanchez to change the plays at the line and do more on his own. He isn’t allowed to do it; Schotty and Rex don’t allow him to change plays. I understand people blaming the defense and I understand it completely. If the defense lets up 20 points though, the offense has to be able to post the same amount too. The defense is exhausted from the last 3 years of this grind and they are giving up on the offense. They work their butts off and the offense can’t even sustain a drive to give them time to rest up. It’s a team game and all that stuff but if the team isn’t helping each other out. This past Sunday the Patriots offense marched down on us giving the defense time to rest because we could do nothing right. I am not sold on Shonn Greene since he hasn’t done much since his rookie campaign. The ground and pound aspect is gone from this team and our identity can’t be something we can’t do. The Ravens two weeks ago stacked 9 in the box and we gained no yards on a run play. Former Jets Wide Receiver David Clowney watched that game and knew the plays we were going to do. The sad part is he hasn’t been with the team for a year. Schotty is so predictable and conservative it’s gotten annoying. Plaxico Burress has been a non factor our big time play maker Santonio Holmes gets no passes to him. LT has nothing going for him and no offensive line to speak of. The offense has been the downfall for years and years now and it won’t stop till Schotty is gone.

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