Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowl XLV

So last night was Super Bowl XLV down in Dallas, Texas at Cowboy Stadium. The big story leading up to the game was the terrible weather that they had. I heard that it was colder in Dallas then it was up in Alaska. I would have some sympathy for these people but when you look outside and there is still snow all over the ground here I will not show any remorse. The other story out was about the fans who went to the stadium with tickets and didn’t get seated but got awesome compensation for it. They were allowed onto the field for the postgame festivals and got free food and drinks for the game. They also received tickets to next year’s Super Bowl and are getting triple the ticket price. The NFL should be embarrassed from this and should find out what exactly happened that caused this. Any way the game was started with literally all day coverage for the game. ESPN had coverage from 10-3 and Fox had coverage from 3 until at least 11 at night. A major problem I had with the whole thing was the nonsense that they had on. I saw Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston on talking about the game. I would like to go off the topic for a moment and say I like both of them and have no problem with either of them. I do have a problem having them on for a football show and talking about other things. I should be on the show and give my picks if that’s what they need. I am not famous enough though and no one would care about my opinion. On from that point Fox had a LOVELY interview involving Bill O’Reilly and Barack Obama. This isn’t a political show here this is football and all they did was talk about everything BUT the game that was going to be played. Of course they didn’t get a non biased reporter to do but this idiot from FOXNEWS. Onto the game portion with the pregame with the girl from Glee, Lea Michele did a great rendition of God Bless America and then the BIG one Christina Aguilera messing up the Star Spangle Banner. First stop with making it even longer then it is by holding every last word. You ruined the song for me by doing that and to mess it up at the biggest event of the year? The halftime show was equally just as bad. The Black Eyed Peas just stayed in one place really and just had a terrible performance overall. I am sort of a fan of them but this didn’t make me want to go see them live. I hope they go back to a band next year and save us all. Onto the game itself, I won’t be going into it quarter by quarter but just doing an overall impression. Well I think we can all say Roethlisberger didn’t look like himself at all due to how he was throwing the ball. He wasn’t looking confident at all and the team didn’t look like they were prepared. The Packers offense had some real nerves I think that showed. The receivers were dropping passes all game long from Rodgers all game long. I do believe that had they caught the ball he may have set a new Super Bowl record for passing yards. That is my personal opinion on that matter. The defense took some major blows with two cornerbacks going out before half time. The defense did hold on for the team due to the fact they forced three turnovers during the game. I know people aren’t happy due to the fact that there were no last minute heroics from either side but I was kind of glad it didn’t for once. Rodgers deserved the MVP award for the game because he was terrific to watch. I was right yet again with my Super Bowl pick I am on a 4 year win streak and have correctly picked 6 out of the last 7 right.

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