Monday, January 24, 2011

Championship Weekend

So this past weekend was the NFL Conference Championships. Lets start first with the NFC Championship game. The big big story coming out of it is that Jay Cutler was or was not hurt in the game and didnt finish. This morning it came out that he had a torn MCL in his left knee I believe it was. There has been nothing yet as to what grade of a tear it was. Many people have had negative opinions of him since his days in Denver as have I. He said he would become bigger and better then Elway. Well he spent only a few years in Denver and was traded. He has a bad attitude and only thinks for himself when it comes to football. Now if it turns out he does have a nasty tear in the MCL no one is allowed to rip on him on the fact he just wanted to quit. What I have a problem with and what professionals have a problem with is his body language on the side line. He was seen just sitting on the bench and not showing much care for the game. He is a me first kind of person and that is something he will never get through.
Onto the other side and the AFC Title game. Yes the Jets did lose and nothing I can say about it. The defense fell apart in the 1st half and stepped up in the 2nd. The offense is where I have a problem and a continuing problem for this team. Brian Schottehinmer however you spell it is the reason we lost the game. The big plays were on the goal line with 7 minutes to go and the Jets scored ZERO points from the one. He called two pass plays on the one and then sent in Tomlinson to go for it on 4th down. Use Greene in this situation and go for run plays on 2nd and 3rd down. He has been the one reason we havent won games. His play calling ability is so inept it shocks me he was a candidate to be a head coach. The Jets lost 5 games this regular season and of those 5, 4 of them we lost and scored ZERO touchdowns. The offense was driving and had no spark to them what so ever and were taking there time. They had no huddle offense and the play calling was terrible. He has to be gone for next season for this team to make it to the Super Bowl. He is just like his father... a choke artist.

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