Monday, June 13, 2011

Lebron hatred

I know I haven’t updated since the Super Bowl. I can assure you all I am fine and will get back into updating this. I have had some personal problems that have finally been resolved. I am going to be going off topic and discuss this whole Lebron James thing that has swept the nation. I know why people don’t like him because of the whole “Decision” thing he did last July. He also came out to hip hop and pyro and proclaimed the team was going to win over 7 titles. Look I know the underlying reason and it’s because he didn’t sign to the Knicks. I don’t like basketball in any capacity and probably never will. I like certain players because they are entertaining to watch and do have some input on the game. I was and will continue to root for Lebron to win a title and I hope he does. I know he made a complete fool of himself after the finals by his comments. He needs to stop and GROW UP a little and maybe people will stop hating him because he kicks himself in the you know what. He has to stop thinking he is the next coming of a basketball god. Right now the greatest is Jordan and that’s all there is in it. So until Lebron has 6 rings I don’t want to hear how he is like Jordan. Show me 6 rings and 6 MVP awards. I do think eventually he will win a title and probably several titles. People now have to stop hating on him and the Heat and actually care about their own team. I am hoping eventually the NFL will get a deal done for a new CBA and gets the season going because that is where my passion is. I will be doing an update about the NFL next and will probably be sticking to that. On that note if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them. I am on Twitter please add me NYJTimmck. If you like this please feel free to pass this along to others.

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