Monday, January 17, 2011

NFL Final Four

I was going to update last night but my brain shut down after all that football. Wild Card and Divisional rounds are over with. The NFL Final Four is now officially set. NFC side is Packers vs Bears and the AFC side is Jets vs Steelers. Before the season began I did a team by team post and my picks for the season. I had in the Super Bowl Jets vs Packers and I am only two wins away from that. It does feel like this whole post season its been nothing but rematches from the regular season. The Packers Bears game I think will be a very good game with the point spread being 1 at this point. These two are both very good teams. Offense wise both teams are pretty equal and will do work. Defense I think any fan can agree that the Bears have a far more superior unit. Special teams also is given to the Bears. They have Devin Hester what more do you want?? Maybe Desean Jackson.... oh sorry too soon? With all that being said it would appear as though the Bears have the edge. Cutler is never a consistant QB and can get erratic. Im gonna go with the more consistent guy here and go with the Packers. Jets vs Steelers is also a tight one... the line for the game is 3. Offense I will go with the Jets... deeper receiving core and two running backs who are constantly consistent. The two defenses I think are both equal in how good they are... SLIGHT edge though to the Jets since they have more play makers on that side. Special teams goes to the Jets... Brad Smith or Cromartie doing the run backs are both deadly. Jets will take it in another close one. They couldn't win on the road this post season. Brady is untouchable... too many weapons... 45-3... loud mouth head coach... hard knocks, Spanish reporter, trip gate, foot fetish, and all the trash talking. Jets went up and beat the Pats.

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