Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Head Coaching changes

Beginning of the NFL season I announced several head coaches who I thought should be fired during or after this NFL season I went back and found the names and here they are.
Eric Mangini
Tom Cable
Norv Turner
Marvin Lewis
Jack Del Rio
Jeff Fisher
Wade Phillips
Tom Coughlin
Andy Reid
Brad Childress
John Fox
Everyone in red has been fired. Here are a few of the ones I got wrong. Coughlin and Reid actually had good years this year. Coughlin cant take all the blame for the Giants falling apart in the end and he cant be blamed for Eli's turnover problems. Reid had his butt saved because of the switch over to Vick in week 2. The defense of the team has taken a big blow but I do see them getting that swagger back. Besides them here are the rest of this list. Marvin Lewis SHOULD be fired. This team has had two good years.. both those years in the playoffs they were one and done. He will be getting more control over the team so lets see how he does. Jack Del Rio is a joke of a coach. His team had the AFC South locked and they ended up fully missing the playoffs. He hasnt done much since becoming coach and he needs to go. Norv Turner is just a weird case. His teams always do great in the season and then come crunch time AKA the playoffs they crumble. This year they got off to a slow start and they couldnt recover.

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