Sunday, December 18, 2011

Week 15

I figure write this while all my ideas are still in my head. Jets laid an egg tonight in Philly. The ONLY bright spot of tonight was the special teams. They didn’t turn over the ball and gave the jets good field position all night. Defense couldn’t stop a nose bleed to save themselves. Vick threw all over us and once again hurt us with a tight end. Eric Smith isn’t a good safety at all and has to go. The defense didn’t take away the edges to keep Vick contained at all. He ran all over us and even got a TD against the “vaunted” jets defense! McCoy dropped 100 yards rushing on us and 3 touchdowns. While that helped me in fantasy football it was pathetic against the jets. Offense was a flat out joke tonight. Schotty did nothing to help Sanchez out with the protection. Hunter and Ducasse can’t play football at all and it was showed. Babin destroyed the right side of the line which is where Woody use to play. PUT A GOD DAMN TIGHTEND OVER THERE TO HELP OUT!!!! They had free rushers taking shots at Sanchez all night. Today’s goat is Holmes because of his bone headed plays. Now some people including myself can’t fault him on the fumble because the guy came flying it and hit the ball with his helmet. The touchdown celebration was uncalled for and should be punished. This crap HAS to end now because this team won’t go far in the playoffs playing like this. Schotty has a game plan that works and just gets rid of it. I read online this past Friday that Miami may be interested in Schotty I think any fan can hope he is taken.

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