Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Jets Playoffs?

I think any fan can honestly say this was a rough 5 days to be a Jets fan. Last Sunday losing to the Patriots in our house then going to Denver and losing to Tebow. Jets are sitting at 5-5 and may or may not be in the post season this year. Looking at the schedule though tells a promising story to end the year. The team they have now and how they play 4 easy wins and 2 questionable games. At 9-7 to end the year there is a good shot of getting into the playoffs. Bills, Chiefs, Redskins and Dolphins are all teams the Jets SHOULD beat. I capitalize should because we never know what team is going to show up for those games. All those teams I named excluding the Bills have a losing record and haven’t shown much this season. With that said, the way the Jets have been playing these are no easy win games to say the least. Every single one of these teams could put up a fight and pull off the upset on us. The two questionable games I see coming up are the Eagles and Giants. Eagles are a good team that has come up big lately and has shown promise. Vick could be the X factor for that game and could easily burn us. Giants I think are a sick team and want to prove they are New York’s team. They have a potent offense and a pass rush that could rattle Sanchez. I said it before I think a 4-2 record down the stretch COULD be good enough for a playoff berth. On the other hand it is the Jets and this year we never know what team is going to show up for the games.

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