Sunday, December 12, 2010

Brian Schottenheimer is a BUM!!!

Brian Schottenheimer is such a bad piece to the Jets puzzle. He was picked up originally by the Jets in 2006 by then coach Eric Mangini. He was known for creative plays and was highly regarded as a future head coach. The last two years though he has slowed this teams potential in my opinion. Just in todays game against the Dolphins his play calling was so inept that it made Madden play calling look amazing. There was a play on a 4th and 2 and he ran a wildcat run up the middle??? It would have work had the Fins not put 9 guys in the box to stop Greene from running. He doesnt change anything up ever and when he calls plays they are so predictable. God forbid if he changed something up on the opposing team to confuse them. What is it with this no passing crap??? The team has Braylon Edwards and Santonio Holmes and they never seem to get the ball. Throw the ball more you pathetic waste of space. He is the son of Marty Schottenheimer and he too was fired from his job. Martys younger brother was also fired from the Packers because he had a terrible year. If the Jets got rid of this fool and put someone good in this team would be Super Bowl ready... FIRE SCHOTTENHEIMER!!!!

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