Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Brady is WHIPPED!!

We all know all the big time moments Brady has had. Three SuperBowl game winning drives, 50 touchdown passes in a single season and an MVP trophy. Since that 2007 SuperBowl though the Pats have not been that same team. Many say it is because of Randy Moss being on the team. In the sports world people get that when Moss is upset he wont play. Thats why Moss has been on 3 different teams this season. This season though we have seen a much different Tom Brady. He has all of a sudden gotten this swagger to him like he owns the NFL. He has recently been married to his supermodel girlfriend and they have a child together. This season he has looked more and more like a stylish Geico caveman. He has the long hair and the scruff look going while wearing expensive cloths. He said in an interview he is letting his hair grow because his wife likes it. Which is all well and fine but to say you wont cut it because of her? If you just came out and said I like it this way and I want to do it no one would be on you. Now he is becoming a spokeperson for Uggs shoes. I'm sorry but I think the whip has come out and he is being dragged around but his wife.

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