Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mid Season review

The NFL season is now at its half way point and here are my team by team reviews.
AFC East
Jets: An ugly loss this past weekend from an inept offense that did nothing right. They have two away games against pretty weak teams. The team SHOULD do good.
Patriots: Of course they will do good because that has been what they ALWAYS do. Getting rid of Moss was the best choice for them. They can spread the field and not have to worry about making him happy.
Dolphins: 4-0 this year on the road while 0-3 at home. They have gotten away with some wins of the road it wont continue.
Bills: The season high point was picking up Lights Out Shawn Merriman.
AFC North:
Steelers: After a shocking start at 3-1 they are still looking good. What did you expect against the defending champs on Halloween? I plan on getting a Polamalu jersey this season
Ravens: An over rated team that gets over looked because of the defense. Flacco cant throw the ball and no one is coming down on this team.
Bengals: They got TO to play along side Ocho and TO is the main guy on the team? They dont have a defense and they have no control.
Browns: I have nothing here
AFC South
Colts: Got back on track by beating the Texans. I honestly think Manning could make high school kids superstars. Can he ever do anything wrong?
Texans: I picked them to do well this year and I will stick to that. They are never consistant though and that worries me.
Titans: Solid defense that will annoy you and a decent offense. Picking up Moss will help open that up for them.
Jaguars: They havent been good in year. That is going to continue.
AFC West:
Chiefs: Wait what the Chiefs have a decent team now? Solid offense that can get it done like the old Patriots and a good defense will help that.
Raiders: Wait what?!?! They became relevant? Oh wait everyone is on that bandwagon because they beat sub par teams thats right. Let me see them beat teams that are good and then we can talk.
Chargers: This team needs depth and they arent getting it. Never consistant enough and Norv Turner is in no way a head coach.
Denver: I had high hopes for this team but im glad to see Tebow on a bad team now. I cant begin to tell you what is going on with this team. It isnt working though.
NFC East:
Giants: Im sorry but I still havent bought into this team. They havent beaten any team that is good. They have looked good and all that. It was against inept teams. Lets see how they finish the year. Smooth sailing from here on out.
Washington: At .500 they have some issues. Mcnabb was pulled in the 4th for Grossman? I dont get the decision here. They need to get some receivers for him to throw to.
Philadelphia: Kolb has finally come around and they look good. Just wait for Vick to return and this team will be dangerous and could contend with the Gmen.
Dallas: This makes me happy to see them do terrible. No discipline what so ever and they have zero control of themselves. Kitna is not the answer neither is Phillips.
NFC North:
Green Bay: Two wins in a row and they sit on top of the division. They need to get Rodgers some time and he will be sick. I love there LB Matthews he is nasty... except when he hits Sanchez.
Chicago: I was never sold on them but they came out very strong but against bad teams. Teams now see that they have to beat up Cutler and they win. Hey Martz this isnt the 90's anymore and your QB doesnt have 7 seconds to wait to throw.
Minnesota. Farve is getting too old to play and cant do it anymore. Childress has ZERO control of this team. The players are running the team not him.
Detriot: Its bad that the Lions and Vikings are tied for worse in the division. A few missed plays/bad calls and they could be around .500 this season. A deadly deadly team with some talent.
NFC South:
Tampa Bay: Bucs have a punk kid at QB and everyone thinks they are the pride of the South. Well maybe if they beat some good I would believe it. Beat someone of worth and then talk to me.
Atlanta: The head coach is alot of fun to watch he is a players coach. I like Matt Ryan and this team has come around. White is a great wide out and plays his butt off
New Orleans: They have lost something since last year. They dont have a run game because both backs are out. Maybe when they come back the old Saints will be back... WHO DAT!
Carolina: The QB spin wheel continues week in and out. They have nothing to go with and they never have consistancy.
NFC West:
Seattle: Wow a surprise team with a decent core of guys. I dont like Hassleback due to the fact he complained about the refs in the SB.
St. Louis: Bradford has shocked me for how good he has done. I like him and what he has done to reenergize this team.
Arizona: The QB carousel needs to stop and leave one guy so the guys can get around one guy. How far they have dropped because Warner left.
San Francisco: I cant even begin to say how shocked I am with this. I thought they would be the best team in the division.

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