Friday, October 22, 2010

ALCS Yankees Problems

Well I was once again CORRECT on a teams problems and called it out before they were shown. The Yankees major problem was in fact there pitching. AJ Burnett was not the same guy as he was in the postseason last year. They LIMPED into the playoffs this year and got it easy in the first round. Look at who they got for the LDS it was again the Twins. The Twins are so over rated. The division is so weak its pathetic. So the Yankees three starters all had it easy because the Twins have such an over rated line up they cruised through that. The Rangers on the other hand had a deep deep line up They also have the Yankee killer on the team... Cliff Lee? 13 strike outs against a powerful team. The rotation was horrible this postseason. Lets try and play Burnett who lost 15 games during the year as the 4th starter. He went 6 innings gave up 6 hits which isn't all that bad... GAVE UP FIVE (5) RUNS!!! Pathetic waste of space on the team and shouldn't have been on the roster as a starter. Instead at the trade deadline you couldn't figure out who to get rid of??? GET RID OF BURNETT AND VASQUEZ!!! Don't get me going on him because he was another waste this year. The team couldn't hit all series long EXCEPT for Game 5. They looked pathetic and they should be embarrassed to be called the defending champions by the play they had.

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