Thursday, July 8, 2010


The next weeks forecast across the northern US is going to be chilly. A cold front is moving in from Cleveland because of Lebron James. In case you have missed it which is pretty much impossible. He is considered the best free agent this off season. Until tonight though because he has declared he will be with the Miami Heat and leaving Cleveland. This has been the most talked about topic over the last week now. Where will he go?? Why will he go?? I want to clear some of this up for everyone. The Nets and Knicks were contenders for him because they had a large space in salary for him. I'm sorry you could offer me all the money in the world I would never play for them. The Nets are the worst team in the league and the Knicks haven't had any form of success in recent years. They are both rebuilding and from what I have heard the Nets are in the process of moving to Brooklyn. He is 25 years old people and in his prime. He wants a title by now. Everyone who plays a sport wants a title and the ring that goes with it. The Nets and the Knicks could not offer him that for years to come. He would go back to his rookie season and have to wait 8 years plus before his team even made it to the big time. The Heat are stacked now... They have Bosh, Wade and now James. As I will call them the new Big 3. I cant say whether or not they will win it all next season. They are going to be really good though as long as they can work together which I hope for. I am in no way a basketball fan and I actually find it real boring to watch. This is the last time I will discuss this topic. Now it is on to FarveCenter until the beginning of the NFL season.

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